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The ten finalists of the Energizer ‘Shop In The Dark’ 2017 campaign proved themselves the best at shopping in the dark and won themselves an eight-minute shopping spree bonus worth up to RM3,500 each at the grand finale today at MYDIN USJ, Subang. Following the overwhelming response from last year’s Energizer ‘Shop In The Dark’ campaign, Energizer in partnership with MYDIN, called for entry submissions for the Energizer ‘Shop In The Dark’ 2017 campaign throughout April and May. To reach out to a wider audience of MYDIN shoppers and Energizer users across the nation, Energizer introduced three different methods of entry submissions which included a series of Virtual Reality (VR) challenge roadshows, mail-in entries and a Facebook digital content. The VR challenge roadshows added a different twist to shopping in the dark by using a VR machine and was held across four states – Selangor, Penang, Negeri Sembilan and Johor in May.
“We received overwhelming response from across Peninsular Mal…

Improving Children’s Literacy and Inspiring Parents

The well-being of a family is crucial for a well-developed society. Therefore, Family and Parenting Centre (FPC) from the Department of Psychology at HELP University, led by Ms. Sybella Ng, a psychologist and lecturer at HELP University, is collaborating with Malaysian Child Resource Institute (MCRI) to launch L.I.F.E. Program.  

L.I.F.E. Program stands for Literacy Impact and Family Education aims to improve literacy in children and equip parents with the ability to empower their children. Parenting workshops, Read Aloud programs and counselling sessions has been conducted to move towards achieving the goal.
“As a society, we are often quick to point fingers at parents whenever tragedy befalls a child. However, parents are also voicing out that without support, resources or in some cases, basic knowledge on child development, they feel powerless when it comes to child care. Thus, this program is developed with an aim to equip and empower parents to be better parents,” says Ms. Sybella…

Lazada Supports Parents through its Big Baby Fair 2017

There are few things as precious as a newborn baby, and parents want the very best for their child – from the food they put in their mouths to the diapers they put on their bottoms. Even with parents increasingly becoming a part of the digitised society, this has not stopped them from getting the best for their children. Thus, as e-commerce engagement continues to grow in Malaysia, shopping with convenience and accessibility is becoming increasingly engrained in how parents shop for their children’s necessities.
According to Nielsen’s 2015 Trends in the Global Baby Food and Diaper Markets, rapid urbanisation, growth of the middle class and rising rates of female participation in the work force have encouraged the adoption of convenience-focused lifestyles, making online shopping the go-to platform for parents. Coupled with increased smartphone and internet usage, there is a compelling proposition for parents to shop whenever and wherever they want, so much as to connect parents in the …


Dengue cases are common in Malaysia with increased prevalence in urban and suburban areas. Just last year alone there were more than 75,000 dengue cases which include 166 fatalities. The rise of Zika virus is now another grave concern for everyone and according to WHO factsheet1protection against mosquito bites is a key measure in preventing mosquito-borne diseases. Meticulous prevention measures should be taken especially during the daytime for everyone and in particular children.

CARRIE, the trusted brand amongst parents that makes personal care products such as hair & body wash, shampoo and talcum fun and imaginative for their children understands the concerns of parents. In order to help children continue to be able to grow through play and imagination both indoors and outdoors, Carrie has taken 2 years of careful product development and registration with the governing bodies namely Pesticide Board, Department of Agriculture and Department of Islamic Development Malaysia (JAKIM…

Tired of dull offices, Colony's team decided to create the dream office for everyone

A new co-working space start-up aims to change the way employees work and the offices they work in
Colony, a new co-working space has today officially launched the new concept of serviced office space called Colony Space, where it sets to change the way everyone works, as well as the offices they work in.

The concept behind KL’s newest co-working serviced office entrant Colony is reflected in its design, as it offers various perks to its tenants, including a nap area for some quick shuteye, a massage room where a certified masseuse can be hired on an ad-hoc basis, an exclusive lounge with high ceilings and full length windows, and access to a rooftop gym and swimming pool where tenants can work out with a full view of the KL city skyline.
Espressolab, a home grown and bred coffee chain, will be brewing up coffee alongside Bold Grains, a cafe concept brought by The Healthy Food People, an online food delivery services operator. The estimated 300 members over the 18,000 square feet space w…


Swanicoco, a brand that began making naturally fermented soaps which now is South Korea‟s leading cosmetics company made its debut today in an official media launch event at The Glass House, Seputeh in Kuala Lumpur. Swanicoco‟s philosophy stems from using its trademarked anti-aging fermentation process which produces natural bio ingredients replacing artificial chemical ingredients. 
Dermatologically safe, having no skin side effects and earth-friendly are some of the many advantages of using natural ingredients in skin care products. Swanicoco provides the assurance of providing excellent benefits to the skin, including regenerating and controlling skin elasticity using organic herbal and botanicals sourced from all over the world. 
“With the growing consumer interest in using natural and organic beauty ingredients, it was befitting to introduce Swanicoco to Watsons Malaysia, known for its unique bio-based formulation. At Watsons, we continually listen to our valued customers and striv…

Krabi: It Is All About The Waves!

It’s that time of the month again! What would that be ? Well, it’s for some TRAVELLING of course! Now, it’s time to pull out that globe and start pinpointing the best place to go. Here’s an idea, why not go to Krabi instead? I like Krabi and I definitely like the place so much so that I had all the beautiful photos of the island sticking at my room wall that I will always look into everyday. For those who don’t know where Krabi is, let’s just say it’s a place where worldly heaven lies. We’ll skip the geography lesson, you can go on and Google it up. Krabi have the most amazing beaches of all time! Well, for me it is. But it’s true, I ain’t playing, Krabi has an outstanding collection of beaches and when I say outstanding, I meant OUTSTANDING! Crystal blue water, white sandy beaches, breezing wind and super cool waves to crash in - what better can you ask for, right? Just to prove my point, I’ll give you a hit on these best beaches you can look for in Krabi. Right, before we get all exc…

Shopper Rewards are back at Setapak Central

Shopper Rewards ​are back at ​Setapak Central in conjunction with the annual 1Malaysia Mega Sale Shopping Carnival. This year, besides the Shopper Rewards, lucky shoppers stand a chance to win a trip for two to either Turkey or Tokyo. 
From 3 July to 31 August 2017​ the community mall offers a list of exciting Shoppers Rewards including : 
FREE MEAL ON US​ (3 July to 31 Aug 2017)  Spend RM150 & above mall wide (maximum 2 combined receipts on the same day) to receive a complimentary dining voucher 
FASHIONABLE JUTE BAG​ (3 July to 31 Aug 2017)  Spend RM250 & above mall wide (maximum 4 combined receipts on the same day with at least one from any fashion & accessories outlet at the mall) to receive a complimentary jute bag 
MERDEKA DAY SPECIAL​ (31 Aug 2017)  Spend RM150 & above mall wide (maximum 2 combined receipts on the same day) to receive a complimentary dining voucher worth RM28. 
WIN A TRIP ​(3 July to 31 Aug 2017)  Spend RM250 & above (maximum 3 combined receipts on t…

Funds from the 13th annual ROASTERS Chicken Run for wholesome meals

Berjaya Times Square was swarmed with more than 2,000 runners during the 13th ROASTERS Chicken Run (RCR), organised by Kenny Rogers ROASTERS (KRR). The atmosphere was radiating with energy when the enthusiastic participants engaged in an upbeat warm-up session by Sports Toto Fitness before getting ready for their respective categories.
“Coming back for the 13th year, it is exhilarating to see the continuous support we get from the public. RCR is one of the significant events in our calendar because it fits our objective to promote healthy living and also allows us to give back to the community by lending a hand to organisations like Food Aid Foundation that are operating to help the needy by providing basic necessities such as wholesome meals,” said Sydney Quays, Chief Executive Officer of Berjaya Food Berhad.
“A huge part of the funds raised from this event will be translated to nutritious wholesome meals contributed to the needy while the remaining will be donated to various organisat…