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Altuz Academy Dyslexia Intervention Orton-Gillingham Approach by Altuz Academy

Good news to all parents who had kids with Dyslexia ! Altuz Academy had brought in Orton-Gillingham Approach which is a global reference for Dyslexia Intervention to Malaysia. Some of you might wonder what is Dyslexia. Dyslexia is a neurodevelopmental disorder a probable genetic basis that cause a problem with word decoding, which in turn impacts spelling performance and the development of reading fluency. Early identification of children at risk of dyslexia followed by the implementation of intervention is a realistic aim for practitioners and policy-makers before the children with Dyslexia fall behind in traditional school which could lead to irreparable harm, low self-esteem and a widening gap that becomes increasingly difficult to close. This has negative societal implications and it is a crucial responsibility of parents to ensure that their dyslexic children are able to read proficiently to ensure their quality of life. Orton-Gillingham is a program that uses a flexible approach t…

Ice Ice Birthday Party Bash

My son had always wanted to celebrate his birthday this year. He loves to watch Ice Age movie and I'm sure majority of our kids will love the cartoon too. I wanted to made his party according to Ice Age theme and when I found out that MATIC is having exhibition on Ice Age Alive, I had googled search and check this place out. Never Seen Before and Ice Age Alive had brought to our Earth, the coldest period and extinct megafauna back to life. First time in Malaysia, do drop by to watch these Ice Age Beasts come to life. All these giant beast could move and roar. Their face looks fierce, scary and some looks innocent but their roaring sound can be heard once we entered the exhibition.
The first dinosaur that we met as we entered the exhibition is Allosaurus (As above). Allosaurus is a genus of carnivorous theropod dinosaur that lived 155 to 150 million years ago during the late Jurassic period.  Do spot the family of the Wooly Mammoth i.e. Manny (The Papa), Ellie (The Mama) and Peaches (…


The Jr. NBA Malaysia presented by Dutch Lady 2018 Regional Selection Camp saw 60 budding Malaysian basketball players dribbling their way to the Jr. NBA Malaysia National Training Camp! The 30 boys and 30 girls ages 10-14 are one step closer to being named the 2018 Jr. NBA Malaysia All-Star in the National Training Camp in Kuala Lumpur from August 4-5.

The Jr. NBA Coaches guide the Jr. NBA participants through a series of basketball drills, skill stations, and scrimmages to help them polish and develop their basketball skills.
Upon advancing to the National Training Camp, these potential Jr. NBA All-Stars will be provide a once in a lifetime opportunity to be trained by current NBA player Malcolm Brogdon from the Milwaukee Bucks.

“Joining Jr. NBA Malaysia helped me learn various playing styles in basketball while also realizing the importance of the fundamentals when playing on the court,” said Sammi Tan, a Jr. NBA programme participant. “I’m eager to participate and showcase what I’ve l…


~The NKF annual mooncake charity project is back~
Savour mooncakes with your loved ones while supporting a good cause this Mid-Autumn festival. The National Kidney Foundation (NKF) Malaysia is partnering with Oversea again this year for the annual mooncakes charity project. All proceeds from this initiative will be channelled to NKF in aid of our poor kidney failure patients.

The custom-designed gift box this year comes in the ever auspicious and classic design, with the earthy tones representing elegance, reliability, and warmth, associated with origin of the festival. The mooncakes are 100% halal certified and come in two available set types:
Type A box includes a normal 4-piece set of Pure Lotus Paste, Lotus Paste 1 Yolk, Golden Starlight 1 Yolk and Green Tea with Red Bean mooncakes at a donation of RM 68 per box.
Type B box includes a premium 6-piece set of White Lotus 1 Yolk, Lotus Paste 2 Yolks, Pure Golden Starlight, Green Tea with Red Bean, Assorted Fruits and Nuts and Shanghai …


10 lucky winners were hosted by Michelin Star Chef Emmanuel Stroobant at his very own Saint Pierre Restaurant
Travel and food are synonymous with Malaysians who are willing to drive far and wide for a taste of good food. From 15th March to 15thApril 2018,TYREPLUS offered its customers a chance to travel in class for the best dining experience with a minimum purchase of two Michelin tyres.
TYREPLUS, the one-stop auto services provider, launched a “Meet A Michelin Star Chef” campaign where 10 lucky winners were hosted by Chef Emmanuel Stroobant at his very own 1-Michelin star Saint Pierre Restaurant in Singapore in May 2018. The prizes included a return flight, airport transfer and a one-night stay in Singapore.
Names of winners who attended the interactive session & dining with Michelin Star Chef Emmanuel Stroobant  at St Pierre Restaurant in Singapore:
1.Alvin Ong Yeong Yau 2.Leong Wan Ping 3.Maryam Kathrin Lim Oi Lian 4.Loh Choon Wah 5.CHAN WAI LUN 6.Muhammad Afiq Mohd Sadli

Making Blending an Adventure for Your Child

Crush ice within seconds for a perfectly blended frozen smoothie with the Philips Viva Collection Blender
In Malaysia’s intense tropical heat, cold drinks are always in demand. From a young age, our children have enjoyed the cool relief that an iced drink offers on the hottest days. While they typically consume chilled cordial drinks or mass-produced juices, there are concerns about the sugar content of these drinks, with nutritionists recommending that children reduce consumption of such sweetened drinks.

To achieve a better balance of refreshing coldness and nutrition, a delicious frozen smoothie could just be the thing that hits the spot. You may be thinking that frozen smoothies are difficult to prepare at home, so you’ll undoubtedly be pleased to discover an all-in-one blender that efficiently combines all ingredients and crushes ice speedily to make the perfect frozen smoothie in no time at all, and you have complete control of all ingredients to boot.
“Food preparation can be a fu…


- Brogdon to Participate at the Jr. NBA Malaysia National Training Camp by Dutch Lady and Help Select the 2018 Jr. NBA Malaysia All-Stars -
- 2018 Jr. NBA Malaysia All-Stars to Travel to Shanghai for NBA China Games 2018 Featuring the Philadelphia 76ers and the Dallas Mavericks -
The National Basketball Association (NBA) announced today that 2016-17 Kia NBA Rookie of the Year Malcolm Brogdon of the Milwaukee Bucks will travel to Kuala Lumpur to participate in the Jr. NBA Malaysia National Training Camp from Aug. 3-5.
The National Training Camp, staged at the IGB International School from Aug. 3-4 and at the One Utama Oval on Aug. 5, is the culmination of the 2018 Jr. NBA Malaysia presented by Dutch Lady.Brogdon will assist coaching the top 60 boys and girls from the Regional Selection Camp in Kuala Lumpur and the 40 outstanding players selected by teachers from the Jr. NBA Coaches Academy.Rocky, the official mascot of the Denver Nuggets, will also be in attendance to interact with the pla…