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Carousell determines which pop-culture juggernaut has the bigger April
This April will go down in history for two things, and two things only – the highly anticipated release of Marvel’s Avengers: Endgame and the final season of popular TV series, Game of Thrones (GOT). Both premieres are happening so close together and the franchises have begun to occupy more and more of Carousell users’ minds, with over 30,000 searches on the classified marketplace for Marvel and GoT related listings.
Interest in both franchises naturally approached a fever pitch as each respective premiere date drew near, and this was reflected in Carousell’s search data. From January to April 2019, the total number of searches for Marvel increased by a little over 115%, and the total number of searches for GoT by a staggering 345%.
Both are cultural behemoths, with stories that span across years and an overwhelmingly large and intricately linked web of characters, culminating in April. Zooming into the first two week…

“If You Are Waiting For Someone To Travel With You, You May End Up Waiting A Lifetime” With OYO, your adventure begins now!

Travel solo through Malaysia and you’ll inevitably fall in love – a place that unravels unique experiences with its varied offerings. It has the capability to trigger wanderlust for anyone who wishes to explore this visual journey of nature, islands and sci-fi cityscapes! Every traveller here is exposed to a colourful metropolis where every culture, religion, and taste come together to form a new modern Asia! Profoundly known for its beaches, rainforests and cultural influences from the Malays, Chinese, Indians, and Europeans, Malaysia gives you an excellent visual narrative. Malaysia which is ‘a melting pot of cultures’, is a vibrant place to explore with no strings attached. Navigating on your own will surely bring a certain sense of worry- with respect to where to stay, how to commute, etc. Moreover venturing alone can heighten the fear of the unknown when one does not have familiar faces to support us and be there for us in times of need. At the brighter side solo traveling can su…


Following the successful campaign last year, Grab Malaysia and the National Kidney Foundation (NKF) of Malaysia are joining hands once again in raising funds to purchase a dialysis machine for the poor kidney failure patients in NKF. The collaboration between Malaysia’s first non-governmental organisation to offer haemodialysis treatment and Southeast Asia’s leading on-demand transportation and mobile payment platform will enable Grab users to convert their GrabRewards points into donation to further support NKF. From 12 April until 30 June 2019, Grab users in Malaysia can visit their GrabRewards catalogue and convert their points into donations with the Grab app. Every 600 GrabRewards points can be converted into a RM5 donation towards NKF by Grab users.
“We would like to express our greatest gratitude to all Grab users for their support and generous contributions to our fundraising campaign last year. Even with each dialysis machine having an average service span of 8 years or an aver…

LEGOLAND® Malaysia Resort Brings Edutainment to Over 500 Schools

Schools in Malaysia to experience brand new edutainment workshops that will be available exclusively in SEA LIFE Malaysia
LEGOLAND® Malaysia Resort continues to promote learning through play with the launch of EDUPLAY Express 2019 that aims to bring outdoor learning to schools in Malaysia. The initiative which was introduced in 2014, will see the EDUPLAY Express bus visit over 500 schools in Peninsular Malaysia, starting from Johor, allowing students to participate in fun, educational and interactive activities that is closely designed to LEGO’s DNA. LEGOLAND® Malaysia Resort is the first LEGOLAND® in the world to organize the EDUPLAY Express programme to schools. The resort has revamped its educational LEGO® themed bus and will be introducing a refresh education programme including new educational workshops, available exclusively at SEA LIFE Malaysia that is scheduled to open in May 2019.
“EDUPLAY Express is an extension of an integral part of our LEGO® DNA and aligned with activities…

Bangi Golf Resort plants RM5 million worth of trees for Earth Day

In conjunction with Earth Day 2019, Bangi Golf Resort and Bangi Farm Resort wanted to do their part to preserve Mother Nature in the whole month of April by planting 1200 Paulownia trees on the golf course. 
Paulownia trees are extremely fast-growing and can reproduce from seeds or root sprouts. A single tree can produce up to twenty million seeds each year that are easily dispersed by wind and water and a matured tree cost around RM4,000. The trees are hardy and resilient and are easily established and are drought- and pollution-tolerant and easy to maintain. Like every other kind of tree, the Paulownia helps sequester carbon dioxide and provide more oxygen for humans and animals to breathe in. 
Bangi Farm Resort Manager, Tan Ban Keat said, “Bangi Golf Resort and Bangi Farm Resort really want to do our part to save Mother Nature. Why plant 1200 trees? The reason for this is that we want to build a natural oxygen tank for Bangi. We hope to eventually transform Bangi into another green l…


Putting the United Nations’ (UN) global Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) into practice, Sunway Lost World of Tambun (LWOT) has stepped up to achieve Quality Education (Goal #4) and Climate Action (Goal #13) goals by educating 143 children in Ipoh on the importance of waste management for a better and healthier environment for the future generation. To cultivate good daily habits and inculcate conservation knowledge among children from a young age, LWOT has jointly worked with Sunway University to conduct educational environmental workshop sessions at Q-dees centres in Ipoh, Bandar Seri Botani and Meru respectively to raise awareness on the significance of waste management and conservation. Student volunteers from Sunway University and LWOT’s visits to the Q-dees centres further enlightened the children through interactive and edutaining activities such as demonstrations on ways to manage and correctly sort daily-produced waste into the designated recycling bins, which the children al…

Nestlé Volunteers Reach Out to Autistic Children

In conjunction with Autism Awareness Month in April, Nestlé Malaysia recently collaborated with the National Autism Society of Malaysia (NASOM) and played host to 50 children for a telematch session, as part of Nestlé’s ‘Reaching Out to Community and Kids’ (ROCKS) Employee Volunteer Programme. Apart from engaging with the kids in a fun and interactive manner, the telematch session was organised to provide with children with an experiential learning experience. The eventful morning started out with a warm-up senamrobik session for both the kids and Nestlé volunteers, fondly known as ROCKers. They then moved on to the highlight of the day, the telematch, which saw the children taking part in a variety of fun activities such as musical chairs and ball games.
Ms Nirmalah Thurai, Executive Director of Group Corporate Affairs, Nestlé Malaysia, said, “As a company which advocates an inclusive and diverse culture, we were pleased to collaborate with NASOM to organise a day of fun for these chi…

Vietjet Celebrates its Newest International Route to Bali with the Return of its MYR0 Golden Hour Promotion

Vietjet’s Golden Hour promotion is back! In celebration of its newest international route connecting Ho Chi Minh City with Bali (Indonesia), the new-age airline is offering 1,450,000 super-saving tickets starting from only MYR0 during 3 golden days starting 17 – 19 April 2019.

The promotional tickets will be available during the golden hours of 1.00pm – 3.00pm (Malaysian time) and is applicable on all domestic routes within Vietnam and Thailand, as well as Vietjet’s international routes connecting Vietnam to Bali (Indonesia); Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia); Seoul, Busan, Deagu (Korea); Kaohsiung, Taipei, Taichung, Tainan (Taiwan); Hong Kong; Singapore; Bangkok, Phuket, Chiang Mai (Thailand); Yangon (Myanmar) and Siem Reap (Cambodia).
Those looking to travel from Vietnam to Japan will be in for a special treat as the promotional fares will be up for grabs at all hours of the day during the promotion period. These include all routes connecting the two countries, including Ho Chi Minh City – Toky…

Missed out on Songkran? Airbnb wants to celebrate it all year

In celebration of Family during Songkran, Airbnb is offering a free trip to Thailand.
Airbnb, the global end-to-end travel platform, today announced the launch of a campaign to celebrate the deeper meaning of Songkran. A time for locals to spend the new year with their families, Airbnb wants to help international travellers to come together with their own families and experience Thailand’s rich culture and unique hospitality by discovering the different “personalities” of the different Thai cities. There's never been a better time to explore what the country has to offer. Thailand’s tourism continues to grow rapidly, making up 20% of the country’s GDP. Most recently, the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) also spotlights trending secondary provinces, which includes Saraburi, Ayutthaya and more.
Win an Airbnb Stay and Experience! Airbnb is running a contest to give a winner from Malaysia the chance to select a city in Thailand for a family trip this year. The winning family will get a…

Downy Natural and Scha Alyahya is Encouraging Women to Celebrate Their Natural Self

Scha Alyahya to give personal sharing on the challenges and benefits of embracing one’s true self at Mydin USJ Downy is on a mission with Scha Alyahya (Downy Malaysia Ambassador) to get women to accept, embrace and celebrate their natural self through an exclusive afternoon affair with Scha Alyahya. On the 28th of April, Scha Alyahya will be sharing personal anecdotes of how she has managed to embrace her natural self as she continues to grow as a woman, wife, mother, and noted-Malaysian personality. Women have long been dressing up and using lipsticks and perfumes to feel their best at all times. Together with Scha Alyahya, Downy wants women to remember that each one of them have their own unique personality, values and stories that lasts forever. The latest addition to the line-up of Downy products - the Downy Natural Secret Garden and Downy Natural Aqua Ocean will complement a women’s natural scent making them feel naturally confident and ready to take on the day.
The Downy Natural l…