Donation Drive Held In Conjunction with World Tapir Day to Raise Awareness on Endangered Species

The World Tapir Day held annually on 27 April aim to raise awareness about tapir species that inhabit the Central and South America and Southeast Asia.

And in conjunction with the World Tapir Day, Naturals by Watsons launched a nationwide donation wide to raise funds for the ‘Treasure Our Tapirs’ campaign by Ecotourism and Conservation Society Malaysia (ECOMY). This campaign aimed to showcase the Malayan Tapir as the primary focus to educate the public on the importance of conserving Malaysia’s natural heritage – the forests and wildlife, and understanding that conserving the environment is key to our own well-being. 

The donation drive which began from 4 – 24 April 2017 at Watsons stores nationwide and Online were made possible through the selling of Naturals by Watsons product range where RM1 is donated to ECOMY during the period. 
Caryn Loh, General Manager and Country Head of Watsons Malaysia, presented a mock cheque with total of RM18,902 to Andrew Sebastian, CEO and co-founder of ECOMY (From the left) Daniel Leong (Marketing Manager of Safe Tree Sdn Bhd) , Andrew Sebastian (CEO and co-founder of ECOMY), Caryn Loh (General Manager and Country Head of Watsons Malaysia) , Low Siew Hui (Finance and IT Director, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Ambassador of Watsons Malaysia), Danny Hoh (Customer Director of Watsons Malaysia) & Foo Hwei Jiek (Head of Trading of Watsons Malaysia)

“Watsons Malaysia is proud to join efforts with ECOMY and empower the community where we live in. And I would like to thank Watsons VIP Members and members of the public for the purchasing of Naturals of Watsons product range during the donation month. This cheque presentation today is a collaboration effort from all,” said Caryn Loh, General Manager and Country Head of Watsons Malaysia. 

At the cheque presentation held at Zoo Negara, Caryn presented the mock cheque totalling RM18,902 raised during the donation drive period to Andrew Sebastian, CEO and co-founder of ECOMY. The mock cheque presentation was also witnessed by Low Siew Hui, Finance and IT Director, Watsons Malaysia and A.S. Watson Group Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Ambassador, Danny Hoh, Customer Director, Watsons Malaysia, Foo Hwei Jiek, Head of Trading, Watsons Malaysia and Raja Zainariah, Associate at ECOMY. 

Andrew said, “Thank you to Watsons Malaysia for this generosity and truly and honour to partner with Naturals by Watsons to raise funds for ECOMY. We intend to continue to work with tapirs and other precious wildlife to educate our young and future generations through campaigns like this,” 

The Naturals by Watsons range includes Olive, Argan Oil, Blood Orange, Prestige Rose, Marula Oil and Aloe Vera. The ranges of products are created with natural and organic ingredients and are available in eight different ranges from cream bath, lotions, scrub, shampoo and hand cream. 

Also joining in this collaboration is Pocotee, a cartoon character created by the renowned Malaysian artist, Pocotee Loh. Commemorating this partnership for World Tapir Day, a specially created logo symbol was created by the artist. Pocotee and Friends characters have become icons in the comic and digital world, with an ever-growing fan base throughout Asia. 

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