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Last weekend, my wife brought my children to BabyDash warehouse at Pelangi Sentral for an opportunity to shop with them. BabyDash is an online website which sold variety of pregnancy, baby and children related items. 

BabyDash was founded by 2 Mommies, Lavi and Shan who got tired of constantly running out to get diapers and milk for their babies and I'm sure 99% of parents like me also face this problem. Both of them have figured there must be a better way to get these 2 essential items which are constantly running out to turn to the internet. This is how BabyDash was born for the easy and convenient way for all the parents. 
Lavi and Shan explained to all the Daddies and Mommies how BabyDash works
Whenever you running out of your baby products, just log in to and register yourself by creating an account with your names, email and password. Once done, do update your details with your delivery address and contact no. You could start your shopping now to check on the item's categories, gifts or on sale.
My son had the opportunity to select the product on the warehouse itself
After selecting the items, you could choose for immediately delivery on that day itself with a premium fee imposed or FREE DELIVERY for 2 to 3 days delivery. You can paid by online banking or credit card and your items will send to your doorstep. Save petrol, parking and times spend buying our children items like milk, wipes, bottles, education toys, diapers, clothes and many more. Even when I am busy with my works, my teenager daughter could help me to do the purchase at home. It is indeed convenient and hassle free to all of us.
Seeing the BabyDash products at the warehouse myself, all the products are properly arrange in the shelves. I could find the items that I want easily and all the products are in good shape. BabyDash had provide a box so that we could shop for our items for 10 minutes. After that, we log in to the computer to do check out and paid for the items that we want. Our box was then sealed and we got to bring the products back.
After our shopping, children were entertained with clowns and magic show. There are a Hello Kitty bag worth RM200 plus for auction and the price start from RM20. A Mom Blogger won the auction by just paying RM100 plus. There are lucky draws and refreshments to all of us. There are a small play area for small children too.
Clown doing a magic treat that kept the children entertained
Nice Hello Kitty Bag for auction by Thara, the PR for BabyDash
Attractive Lucky Draw Prizes
Play area for small children
Overall it is a good experience for me and my children shopping at BabyDash warehouse. The price of the products are reasonable and my children were attracted with the toys there. Thanks to BabyDash for a great shopping experience at their warehouse and we will definitely shop for more at their website. Do check out their auction for stroller, car seats and many more at the bidding price from RM10 weekly. You might win yourself an item for your baby at the price much much lower than the original price at
Thanks for the shopping experience. We had the items that we always wanted


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