Throughout the school holidays from 26th of August till 3rd September, in celebration of Malaysia’s 60th Merdeka Day, Lost World Of Tambun (LWOT) will get you on a roller-coaster ride of emotions – laughter, shock, fear, bravery and more –with its unique “Emoji Malaysia” campaign, featuring everyone’s favourite smileys – EMOJIS!

So without fear or favour, here are 10 reasons why a visit to Lost World Of Tambun this 1st to 31st August will get your emotional muscles working:

10. Crack the movie code contest (Happening daily from 1pm – 1:30pm at Hot Spring & Spa Stage)
Do you know your movies well? If you do, guess the title of the movie based on emojis that will be shown to you.
9. Emoji Charades (Happening daily from 4:30pm – 5pm at Hot Spring & Spa Stage)
If you are good at charades, guess the Emoji character! 
8. Emoji Merdeka Parade
Do not miss out the Emoji Merdeka Parade as characters dressed in traditional wear march with Emojis!
7. Winning a 2D1N Glamping experience at Lost World Of Tambun because you won the Emoji Malaysia Facebook photo contest
Flex your facial muscles and send your best Emoji face from today till 31st August to win a 2D1N stay Lost World Glamping package.   
6. Testing your bravery by going into the Lost World Haunted Chambers
The lucky number 7 is not so lucky here in the 7 Chambers of Ghastly theme. Are you brave enough to encounter the creatures that haunts this place? 

5. Emoji cupcakes and pancakes for everybody
Pick up a sweet or savoury treat from a variety of choices for yourself after braving through the haunted chamber.
4. Experiencing all the spills and thrills that Lost World Of Tambun has to offer
From building sand castles on the beach, floating on the longest adventure river in South East Asia, to tubing down slippery slides. 

3. Family fun rides
Take a stroll at the Lost World Amusement Park and go on different rides with your family such as Lupe’s Adventure – Perak’s first ever roller coaster, Dragon Flight – a good time swinging up high in the air and many more! 
2. Knowing why you’re doing all this - quality time with family and loved ones
and finally…..
1.    Knowing that you are celebrating with one of Malaysia’s national treasures in the true spirit of being Malaysian!
Celebrate Independence Day in one of Malaysia’s treasures, Lost World Of Tambun – the place to soak in the sun, nature and water all at once. Also, do not miss out the colourful dance performance showcasing unity and love for the country at Lost World Hot Spring & Spa Stage at 7:00pm daily.

For more information, log on to the website at https://sunwaylostworldoftambun.com/ or its Facebook page at www.facebook.com/lostworldoftambun or by calling the park at +605 542 8888.


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