Coala Kids Bag, A Gibb Spine-Care Bag for the Comfort of Our Children

There might be lots of options to get a kids backpacks but choosing the right bag is very important to our kids coz' it might affect their health and their mentality if wrong bags were given to them. With so many options available, we obviously can't test or even research them all. Instead. we looked for models that fit the following criteria...
1. Comfort
Coala Gibb Spine-Care Bag combines the ergonomic principles of innovative trekking backpacks with everything required for a school bag. It distribute the weight from the shoulders to the stable pelvic area and therefore are easy to carry. The well-padded shoulder straps that fits a kid's frame well to keep the shoulder straps from sliding back and off the kid's shoulders, a common problem on smaller kids. The padded straps will provide extra comfort on the shoulders.

2. Lots of Compartments
A kid-friendly backpack will have lots of compartments in various sizes. This enables our kids to spread the weight around and avoid strain from trying to balance a bottom-heavy bag. Coala Gibb Spine-Care Bag comes with extra under zipper compartments for more space. It can helps our children to organise their school books too.
3. Pockets
When buying a school backpack, check out for top lip pockets, side mesh pockets, front panel stretch pockets and even hidden internal pockets. Make sure each pocket has a proper use and consider the pockets for quick access items, wet and dirty clothes and for keeping gear in one place. Coala Gibb Spine-Care Bag comes with pockets on both side of the bag and 2 zip pockets in front. There is a designated pockets for stationery to stay organised and to avoid the "dump and search" system.
3. Durability
Good quality material ensures a lasting schoolbag . Pull the seams apart to check for good stitching and tug the straps of the bag to test for sturdiness. Check the zips of the bag for toughness and size and ensure all the zips are safely covered and not broken. Look for double zippers that meet in the middle so that we have a backup. Coala Gibb Spine-Care Bag using oxford textile for long lasting and comes with a quality double zip.
4. Waterproof
Waterproof bag will keep our kids exercise or textbooks and other items inside the bag to stay dry even though in the rain. Coala Gibb Spine-Care Bag comes with Waterproof function.
5. Brand
We shouldn't pay extra for a fancy brand name but sticking to Companies with a history of quality construction and good customer support is worth doing. Coala aims to bring us quality products with professional services. Coala is an online kids products provider, selling a wide range of school necessities for kindergarten children up to young teenagers. With Coala, shopping for our children will no longer be a hassle.
6. Lable
Lable is very important in case our children could not find their bag. Coala Gibb Spine-Care Bag comes with pocket label so that we can change it every year once they are at higher level.
If you're interested to get the right bag for your kids, Coala Gibb Spine-Care Bag is now at promotion price of RM179.90 (Normal price at RM229.90). The colour of the bag is in navy blue and for the front zip colour, you can choose to have it in pink for girl or yellow for boy. You can get the bag at HERE. For more details, do visit their website at or facebook page at
My son had used the bag for few weeks now and he said the bag was comfortable to carried. He loves the many compartments in the bag that helped him to organised his books, stationery, water tumbler and clothes. Coala Gibb Spine-Care Bag is an affordable school bag with high quality material and for the comfort of our kids. It had all the criteria as I mentioned above for the right bag for your kids.


  1. menarik. water proof material sesuai dengan cuaca sini kadang2 hujan

    1. Dee, betul. Buku anak-anak kita tak akan basah lepas guna beg ini.

  2. This.looks like a great bag, I love the design and most importantly it's designed to fit kids and make it comfortable for them.

    1. Jia Shin, my son loves it too. He felt comfortable carrying it.


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