Ling and lover Jun have the opportunity to come to Malaysia for work. At casino, they get to win a lot of money. Then Ling and Jun was forced to stay at "Haunted Hotel” accidentally, they began to make sweet journey into terror tremendous trip.
The hotel is incredible strange phenomenon from time to time, and then more acts of a strange woman in white frequently attack them. In addition, Ling found sneaky behavior Jun, it is because Jun and other women wonder lingering, thus suspicious all day and into the internal and external torment of being very depressed. So they forced to leave the hotel to go down the mountain, however, it turns out halfway but they were attacked by the woman in white, Then Jun went disappeared and Ling rescued by a Police called Shan.

Later on, reported that they couldn’t find the bodies of Jun and that large sum of money, but weird thing is they also investigated that the Immigration Department does not have any record of Jun who entered in Malaysia. Police Shan indicates the presence of the woman in white in fact closely related to prove the relationship between the woman and Ling.

Living alone in a strange country with the language and cultural barrier, no one believed what Ling said. Moreover, the doctor suspected that Ling have a mental illness problem, this make Ling into a grievance and helplessness. In the hospital, Ling found strange things did not end…After Shan’s efforts and guidance, he is trying to unravel the mystery of death Jun and tracing the identity of the woman in white.

According to Tok Bomoh (Shaman King), they are going to the scene, to get the truth. However, when Ling dares to face with the woman in white, she finds each other and their own looks exactly the same.......

Time has come to the end, psychiatrist Shan is using hypnosis therapy to the patient Ling,
The truth is that the emotional of Ling being displeased when she is very hard to make money to help her lover Jun. She gets hurt and then flies to Malaysia. In the circumstances of anger and anxiety, she began to transform herself into tragedy victims (personality disorder).  While doctor Shan trying to cure Ling through hypnosis, Ling finally accept the reality. In the end, Ling has surrendered herself to police due to legal sanctions, however, although loss of freedom, but her heart is more at ease with no grievances.

Production Notes
Movie Title: Haunted Hotel aka 怨灵
Language: Mandarin with little of Bahasa Malaysia and English
Release Date: 19 October 2017
Genre: Horror
Running Time: 92 minutes
Presented by: He Media, Lomo Pictures
Produced by: Lomo Pictures
Cast: Aom Sushar (Thailand), Li Chuan (China), Teddy Chin (Malaysia), Alvin Chong (Malaysia), Azman Hassan (Malaysia)
Director: Ryon Lee
Producer: Aron Koh, Ming Yi
Format: 2D
Synopsis: Ling and lover Jun have the opportunity to come to Malaysia for work. At casino, they get to win a lot of money. Then Ling and Jun was forced to stay at "Haunted Hotel accidentally, they began to make sweet journey into terror tremendous trip.

Director: Ryon Lee
The legendary script-writer in Malaysia. He is the most successful script-writer of all time in terms of domestic box office and recognition. Ryon has written some of the most successful and well-known films, including Woohoo Big Day, Great Day, Nasi Lemak 2.0, and also one of the best Malaysian films The Journey which created the second highest box-office record in Malaysian Film industry.
As a recognition, he won Best Script in Malaysia Golden Wau Awards in year 2013. Besides, he had won the Outstanding Youth Award in the Global Chinese Culture & Arts Awards in 2005 and also the Best Original Screenwriter for 5 consecutive years in theatre industry.

2017, his directorial movie Show Me Your Love is nominated for Best Actress in the Hong Kong Film Awards.

Producer: Aron Koh
Aron Koh is a versatile producer in various international production projects. In 2005, Aron made his renowned directorial debut Seed of darkness as Malaysia first full-length Chinese horror movie. In 2008 with his first ever Malay movie Kurus which has created a stir in the international film festivals arena and Aron Koh also received the honorary Special Jury Prize for the movie at the Bangkok International Film Festival. An art-house piece The Second Life of Thieves was selected to screen at the Busan International Film Festival 2014 and Rotterdam International Film Festival 2015. 

With his tireless contribution, he has been elected as vice-president of Chinese Film Association of Malaysia (CFAM) in 2014 until today.

Main Actress: Aom  Sushar
Sushar Manaying (Nickname: Aom) is a Thai actress with half Chinese descent. When she was younger, her name was being made fun of, so it was changed from "Sushar" to Sucharat. After a few acting roles, she decided to change it back.

In 2010 and 2012, Aom played the role of Pie in the Thai film "Yes or No" and "Yes or No 2" with Tina Suppanad Jitaleela. By 2013, Aom played the role of Yoon/Choi Eun Suh (originally played by Song Hye Kyo in the Thai remake of" Autumn in My Heart" opposite of Jesadaporn Pholdee. And by 2014, Aom was chosen to play the role of Han Ji Eun (originally played by Song Hye Kyo) in the Thai version of hit Korean drama "Full House" which she was paired by actor singer Pirath Nitipaisankul who is a part of Golf & Mike.


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