Director Jess Teong is no longer a newbie as she gears up for the release of her upcoming sequel to the highly-acclaimed 2016 Malaysian film, The Kid From The Big Apple, set to be released nationwide on November 16, followed by other countries such as Singapore, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. 
Jess Teong, who began her career at the age of 25 behind a receptionist desk at a modelling agency, leaped into the entertainment industry by winning the title of Malaysia’s first Female Cover Girl back in 1990. That win opened up an array of opportunities for the director and Jess went on to secure multiple titles such as a model, actress, singer, beauty ambassador, film producer, scriptwriter and finally, a director. 
Although The Kid From The Big Apple was Jess’ first experience being a director, that did not deter her from soaring for the skies. The resilient woman went to grab numerous awards such as Best Writing during the 2015 Macau International Movie Festival and the Special Jury Award in last year’s Festival Filem Malaysia. The 52-year-old director credits her experience as a producer for her solid base in understanding film and the works of it. 
Jess humbly states, “I am still learning as I go. I’m blessed to have many talented and sincere people who have helped me along the way. Although I’m still new to putting on the director’s hat, I believe that as long as one has the passion and a humble heart to learn willingly, success will not be far behind.” 

Despite the first film achieving international success, Jess refuses to project it as a benchmark to reach for her sequel – what’s most important is that she is able to produce a film that delivers a profound message of love within the family institute. The director aspires for it to serve as a reminder to the society of the importance love holds in our lives. 

The Kid From The Big Apple 2: Before We Forget will see child actress Sarah Tan, playing the role of Sarah Lim, executing more sentimental scenes; cultivating her own personal emotions into the mix. Meanwhile, fans will also get to see their favourite characters such as Ah Bao (Jason PRESS RELEASE 2 Tan) and Chun Gen (Ti Lung) returning to the big screens, alongside Debbie Goh who takes over the role of Sarah’s mother, Sophia Lin. 

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