Cartoon Network Programming Highlights - January 2018

To kick-start the year, Cartoon Network (Astro Channel 616) invites you to take a sneak peek at Season 2 of Ben 10 on 6th January, Saturday at 10.00am. Don’t miss the chance to see Ben transform into the Omni-enhanced Heatblast!  Also, join us in training to become a hero with the launch of Cartoon Network’s brand new series, OK K.O.! Let’s Be Heroes, premiering on 20th January, every Saturday at 11.00am!
 Fans can kick back on weekdays to catch the return of their favourite shows every day, The Amazing World of Gumball at 5.30pm andClarence at 6.00pm. Starting from 6th January, fans should catch the brand new season of LEGO Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu, Saturdays at 9.30am!

BEN 10 | Season 2 Sneak Peek!
6th January, Saturday at 10.00am
When Vilgax commandeers the launch of experimental space plan, Ben must stop the baddie from weaponizing the shuttle. Lucky for Ben, he has Omni-Enhancements at his disposal –energized constructs that upgrade Ben’s aliens in a huge way! Don’t miss the special sneak peek and witness how Ben transforms into Omni-enhanced Heatblast!
OK K.O.! LET’S BE HEROES | Brand New Series
Starts 20th January, Saturdays at 11.00am
In this videogame inspired world, K.O. works at Gar’s Bodega in Lakewood Plaza, a one-stop shop for all your hero needs. Whether he’s mopping the floor with Lord Boxman’s evil robots or literally mopping the floor, K.O. tackles everything with his cheery, endless enthusiasm. Every person is a hero to look up to, every challenge is a chance to grow stronger and every success or failure is just another stepping stone to becoming the ultimate hero.

Starts 1st January, weekdays at 5.30pm
Gumball is back with brand new episodes as part of Summer Toons! The fun loving and mischievous 12-year-old blue cat, together with his family and best friend Darwin, head up hilarious adventures in school and across town. This month, Gumball is forced to go back to kindergarten when his smart answers are not so smart. Gumball also decides to play cupid when he finds out Darwin likes a girl in his class. The hilarious adventures are sure to continue with this bunch of zany characters.
CLARENCE | Brand New Episodes
Starts 1st January, weekdays at 6.00pm
Brand new episodes as part of Summer Toons! Clarence is a show that celebrates the best of childhood: epic dirt fights, awkward crushes, trampoline combat, sleepover pranks and secret tree forts! And it does so through the eyes of Clarence, a spirited, quirky boy who sees the best in.

Starts 6th January, weekends at 9.30am
In the aftermath of the battle with the Hands of Time, the Ninja take turns searching for Wu, and Zane temporarily fills their missing master’s role as record keeper by downloading his memories into the Samurai X computer. His advanced visualization software allows him to recreate their adventures from any data he processes – not just his own. While assisting Zane, Nya notices an anomaly in the Nindroid’s programming. When Zane is unable to logout, he discovers the source of the malfunction – a mysterious PUZZLE BOX.

Available 6th January
It’s all-out war in the parking lot at Lakewood Plaza Turbo! Help the Lakewood Plaza employees duel it out against Box More’s robot hordes. Available on

Available 20th January
A casual arcade game about investigating and reporting on the stories of the OK K.O.! universe. Players take on the role of Dynamite Watkins, an explosive reporter for Action News who precedes every question with an elaborate series of poses. It’s up to the player to quickly swipe the correct pose combinations and discover all the juicy details! Available on iOS, Android and Kindle

OK K.O.! LET’S BE HEROES | New Show Page
Available January 2018
To launch the new series to CN APAC, we've created a fan zone page for the ultimate OK, K.O.! fan where you can discover the behind-the-scenes of the show, learn more about the main characters, engage in interactive quizzes, test yourself with trivia, learn how-to-draw, etc. Available on


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