Affordable Meal at Instant Noodle World, IPOH Soho

To all Instant Noodles Lovers, Good News to all of you !!! You could choose more than 100 types of local and imported instant noodles to have it with your favourite ingredients and healthy soup at Instant Noodle World, IPOH Soho now which is just opposite of Nam Heong. I'm sure many of us prefer to have fast and easy meal with our favourite instant noodles and you could find all your favourite noodles here.
The restaurant is spacious and once you go in, at your left hand side, you could see displays of variety of instant noodles for you to choose from. Choose your favourite packet of instant noodle and then proceed to choose ingredients. After fill up the ingredients that you want, proceed to the counter to pass them your noodles, the ingredient form and the payment. Fast and easy and within 10 minutes, your delicious noodles will be served. A packet of their instant noodles are price from RM2 for local noodles and up to RM11 for those premium one. Prices are hang below the noodles for our easy reference.
What are the ingredients available ? You could choose ala carte or the set which is much cheaper and we no need to think what ingredients that we want to add on to our noodles. The Noodles are served with the following sets :-
o     Set A [ RM3.90 ]
       boiled egg or fried egg + chicken meat ball + minced pork +broccoli
o     Set B [ RM4.90 ]
       sausage + luncheon meat +pork meat ball +minced pork + broccoli
o     Set C [ RM5.90 ]
       sotong+ crabstick+ cheesy seafood taufu + cheese+ minced pork + broccoli        
o     Set D [ RM6.90 ]
       pork meat ball + ham + sausage + sotong + crabstick + minced pork + broccoli 
Means for a bowl of instant noodles and your favourite ingredients, the price per bowl will be from RM5.80 only. Wow.... Indeed cheap to have a bowl of noodles. No doubt that Instant Noodle World served the cheapes ready cooked meal at RM5.80 with minced meat, broccoli and egg. Instead of using plain water, they actually using their homemade soup to make the broth so that your noodles will be more healthy and tasty.

For those who love to have Steamboat, then do try out their Steamboat Combo Set for only RM29.90. The steamboat for 2 diners was stuffed with generous toppings with cheese on top. Instead of 2, the steamboat easily fix the tummy of 2 adults and 2 children. 
We could choose the noodles that we want and the soup for our steamboat. My children love it so much and best to eat when we feel cold to warm our body up. Even if we eat during day time and since the cafe is air-conditioned, we could enjoy our delicious steamboat meal too.
Besides the delicious food there, do try out their Darling Lemon Tea series. The name Darling was derived from the Cantonese wordplay of ‘Tar-Ling” or loosely translated to “Whacking the Lemon”, describing the way in which the beverages are prepared. The drink is naturally made loading up on vitamin C and goes surprisingly well with the noodles.
Their Darling Lemon Tea series as follows :-
1. Original Darling Lemon
2. Chrysanthemum Lemon Tea            
3. Grass Jelly Lemon Tea                                 
3. Sour Plum Lemon Tea                                  
4. Honey Lemon Tea                             
5. Mint Leaf Lemon Tea
Daddy loves to have Original Darling Lemon, Mommy loves Chrysanthemum Lemon Tea while my children love the Grass Jelly Lemon Tea, Sour Plum Lemon Tea, Honey Lemon Tea and Mint Leaf Lemon Tea. The drinks are refreshing and healthy. Lemon is a good source of Vitamin C and it is also a primary antioxidant that helps to protect our cells from damaging free radicals. With so many choices of Darling Lemon Tea, it helps to boost my children's health with their favourite drinks.
Instant Noodle World is located at Block C, G-6, Ipoh Soho 1, Jalan Sultan Iskandar, Ipoh, Perak. Location map at them at 016-4180389 or visit their facebook page at泡面小馆-283393635694854 for the latest promotion and updates.


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