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BABYDASH Shop Shop Shop

Last weekend, my wife brought my children to BabyDash warehouse at Pelangi Sentral for an opportunity to shop with them. BabyDash is an online website which sold variety of pregnancy, baby and children related items.  BabyDash was founded by 2 Mommies, Lavi and Shan who got tired of constantly running out to get diapers and milk for their babies and I'm sure 99% of parents like me also face this problem. Both of them have figured there must be a better way to get these 2 essential items which are constantly running out to turn to the internet. This is how BabyDash was born for the easy and convenient way for all the parents.  Lavi and Shan explained to all the Daddies and Mommies how BabyDash works Whenever you running out of your baby products, just log in to and register yourself by creating an account with your names, email and password. Once done, do update your details with your delivery address and contact no. You could start your shopping

School Holiday Adventures with Thomas & Friends™

Join Thomas & Friends™ on land, into the sea and out in space at Sunway Putra Mall In conjunction with the School Holiday, Mattel Southeast Asia (Mattel) has collaborated with Sunway Putra Mall to bring exciting activities around Thomas’ new Adventures beyond the Island of Sodor. Typically, you’ll spot Thomas & Friends™ on the Island of Sodor; in locations such as Tidmouth Sheds, Knapford Station, Brendam Docks and Sodor Steamworks, to name a few. This month, everyone’s favourite little blue engine will journey to lands beyond the Island of Sodor, into the sea and out in space. His exciting adventures is also represented in their latest toy line which is now available for sale at major toy retailers, departmental stores and hypermarkets. From now till 3 September 2017, the Thomas & Friends™ Adventures will be held at the Main Concourse of Sunway Putra Mall.  Children get to experience the Adventures on land, sea and space with their favourite blue engine . 

ARISSTO Italian Premium Coffee Expertly Crafted by Italian Coffee Masters

Coffee is part of my life now and having it daily is a must. Sometimes I will just get a cup of it at the reputable cafe in the morning before I start my work. I prefer to drink outside because in the morning, my wife and my maid were busy with my children. I unable to make a good coffee myself but ever since I had ARISSTO Coffee Happy Maker, I had it everyday at my home instead. All my children will take turns to make it for me because it is simple and easy and they enjoyed it so much. Each of ARISSTO's signature flavours are expertly crafted by Italian coffee masters where they are carefully sourced the highest quality of Arabica coffee beans from the mountains at an altitude of 2,000 meters in Brazil, Columbia, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Togo, Kenya, Ethiopia and more countries to create a variety of unique ARISSTO signature flavours. With the innovative capsule technology, the coffee was preserve to the original taste with pleasant aroma and without any artificial additives ad

Diamond Coral Alkaline Water, A Simple Way for Family Health

Some people tend to make their life easy by drinking from plain old tap water. It's convenient and it comes right out of your kitchen water tap. However, I'm sure all of you have heard that most tap water is contaminated with a host of pollutants that will increase our risk of serious health problems. To protect my family and to make it convenient to have a healthy drinking water, I had recently came across Diamond Coral Alkaline Water. Experts pointed out that adults should drink 8-10 cups of water daily and children should drink 3-5 cups of water daily. Ever since drinking the Diamond Coral Alkaline Water for a week now, me and my children had enjoyed a new healthy lifestyle. How will Diamond Coral Alkaline Water helps us to lead a healthy lifestyle. Let me elaborate it here... First, our constipation and bowel problems had improved. This is because of the alkaline water that can help to take care of the problems. Instead of once a week, we went to toilet almost dail


20 teams from primary schools across Malaysia compete to create life-sized robot structures made from used and recyclable materials A three-day national finale event brought together 20 shortlisted primary school teams from across Malaysia to create eco structures with a green theme at the annual Paddle Pop Young Builders Award 2017. The Paddle Pop Young Builders Award in collaboration with the Ministry of Education Malaysia, is an annual national award competition promoting environmental awareness as students design and build creative structures made from used and recyclable materials. In conjunction with Malaysia’s 60 th National Day, students in teams of four incorporated local elements of Malaysia and of the participant’s respective states into the designs of their chosen structures. Paddle Pop Young Builders Award 2017 saw SK Peramu Jaya from Pahang emerge victorious, while SK Bukit Rokan Utara (F) from Negeri Sembilan came in second place followed by SK Stella Mar