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Zyro 29th Charity Birthday Celebration, the Oriental Myths & Legend 2019

Attended Dr Zyro Wong's 29th birthday yesterday at 55 Kitchen and Bar. Been supporting him since last year since he did charity on his birthday celebration, a meaningful celebration together. This year themed is "Zyro Oriental Myths & Legends 2019". Instead of receiving gifts, Dr Zyro has requested his guests to contribute to a charity box where the funds will be channeled towards the charity initiatives. Total donations collected on that day is more than RM6,000.00 and RM3,000.00 to Kiwanis International Club Bangsar, RM1,000.00 to Rotary Kasih,  RM1,000.00 to   The Giving Bank and  RM1,000.00 to   Gem & Bread. "This is a time to celebrate friendships and love, where we come together not only to have fun but can also do something meaningful together", commented by Dr Zyro. The celebration was a convergence of top brands which came together to make the birthday bash a mega brand experience for guest. Venue host by 55 Kitchen and Bar and hi

J-Hunt, the Mottainai Store from Japan is Opening at AEON Subang Jaya

Times for shopping now !!! To all the fans of Japanese products, J-Hunt, the Mottainai Store is opening tomorrow at Level 2, AEON Big Subang Jaya. It  is a shopper's paradise promising wide assortment of products from Apparels, Bags, Infants, Hobbies, Musical Instruments, Shoes, Sports, Tablewares, Toys, Watches and many more from RM1 only.  Let me brief you about what is the  Philosophy of J-Hunt and their mission and vision in Malaysia. J-Hunt embrace the care of our planet earth by not throwing away items carelessly. They collect, purchases and re-conditions used items for wholesale & retail. They also creates a caring society through " Give-A-Helping-Hand " projects through their  Mottainai Volunteer Project  (MPV). What is  Mottainai  ?  Mottainai  is a Japanese term which means "to have  respect  for the resources, not to waste them, and to use them with a sense of gratitude". This word is closely related to the preservation of ecology and the co