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Shopee Express Couriers Drive Community Inclusion and Business Success

A new study (1) by Shopee Express has found that 1,317 Malaysian couriers are committed to building robust relationships with local communities. 87% of couriers surveyed provide trustworthy nationwide delivery services, engage with people from diverse cultures, and develop a deeper understanding of the areas they operate in. The remaining believe that their work enables local businesses to expand their market reach, which contributes to their growth and creates new job opportunities. The success of businesses and communities relies heavily on these couriers who are truly unsung heroes. Especially for local businesses, they are always adapting to meet the changing demands of their customers, while many households, especially those of the elderly and disadvantaged, have greatly benefited from the services of couriers. This is made possible by the fact that 80% of couriers deliver at least 80 parcels on a daily basis, while the rest handle a smaller number of parcels due to other

Giving Back with Love - the Curve Creates Memorable Raya Celebration for those in need

The holy month of Ramadan is all about giving to those in need. In keeping with the mall’s annual tradition of spreading love and joy, the Curve organized a memorable day for 28 underprivileged children and their caretakers during this blessed month. The children from Rumah Kesayangan Rukesa were welcomed with cozy kampung homes, a lush paddy field with scarecrows, and pangkin as they stepped into the Centre Court. Adorned as part of the Curve's Nostalgia Raya campaign, the mall erupted with excitement and joy as the youngsters explored and embraced the Raya mood. Inspired by the nostalgia of cozy kampung homes set amid serene paddy fields, the Curve this year has recreated a setting to rekindle Malaysians’ fondest balik kampung memories. The centerpiece of the Hari Raya Aidilfitri decor in the Curve’s Centre Court is a life-sized three-dimensional rumah kampung showcasing traditional architecture complete with verandah and furnished living area, depicting a typic

Malaysian Female Sellers Uplift Other Women on Shopee

100% of Women-Owned Businesses Hire or Teach Other Women To Succeed Shopee’s 2023 ShopeeSapotLokal Building Connected Communities study (1) finds that 100% of Malaysian women who achieve economic inclusion share their success by uplifting other women in B40 and rural areas. For 1,015 female sellers surveyed on the marketplace this Ramadan period: two-thirds hire single, rural, or impoverished women, or source directly from women-owned suppliers; a third facilitate networking opportunities and training programs. These findings demonstrate that Malaysian women in the digital economy are not only supporting household dependents during peak Ramadan e-commerce sales (2) , but are a driving force in giving back by lowering barriers to entry, widening access to customers, and providing more flexibility in time management to other women like themselves. When asked ”How has Shopee opened up new opportunities for women sellers like yourself?” – eight in ten respondents value the benef