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The long anticipated cook book in both English and Chinese language on Southeast Asian influenced Chinese cooking is finally shipping. “This book, a collaboration between Olivia Tan and Thermomix Malaysia will continue to delight Thermomix fans around the world, to develop a deeper appreciation of Straits Chinese style cooking which is uniquely flavourful due to the pervasive use of spices and ingredients from the region.” JC Lim, Executive Director, Thermomix Malaysia. “These are my family’s favourite dishes - a compilation of rich and authentic heritage Straits Peranakan influenced Chinese recipes. I have included a section that introduces key ingredients crucial to recreate the same tastes with the Thermomix.” says Olivia, who is of Chinese Hakka and Malaysian Nyonya descent. Cooking is a lifelong passion that first developed when Oliva was only nine, when she discovered her love for food, and started cooking and baking at home. Once she won her first cooking competitio

Thermomix Malaysia showcases the Future of Cooking

Thermomix, a multifunctional kitchen appliance, that has delighted millions of homes around the world for over half a century, is now officially in Malaysia.  Consumers can experience Thermomix by simply booking a cooking demonstration via its website or hotline. With its innovative Recipe Chips, touchscreen and unique Guided Cooking function, the Thermomix makes food preparation and cooking even easier. Everyone can cook with their fingertips.  It’s latest model, the Thermomix TM5, continue to redefine cooking by going digital. “Thermomix is revolutionalising cooking in the kitchen with technology” said JC Lim, Executive Director, Thermomix Malaysia. “The introduction of the innovative Recipe Chip which stores hundreds of recipes; full colour touchscreen controls; and the Guided Cooking function, represents the future of cooking. With the cooking process made simpler, Thermomix will enable all   families to cook effortlessly. JC Lim, Executive Director, Thermomix Malay

Cartoon Network Launches POWFACTOR with Danish Harraz

10-year-old Malaysian entrepreneur and baker cooks up his POWFACTOR When Professor Utonium accidentally added Chemical X to his recipe of sugar, spice, and everything nice, The Powerpuff Girls were born. Now Cartoon Network is asking viewers in Malaysia to identify their very own POWFACTOR! POWFACTOR is a global initiative that helps kids discover the “special ingredient” within them that drives them to change the world. In particular, it recognises kids who have found a way to empower themselves and give back to their communities. In Malaysia, Cartoon Network (Astro Channel 616) has teamed up with self-taught kid chef Danish Harraz Abd Hafiz (fondly known as Abang Danish). At just 10, Danish runs his own baking and cooking business online, catering to the demands of tens of thousands of followers on social media. In hopes of inspiring them, he provides recipes and shares cooking videos. Aside from this, Danish also gives back to society by channeling 10% of his reven


Saving Malayan Tapirs with Donation Drive In Conjunction with World Tapir Day The World Tapir Day is held annually on 27 April to raise awareness about tapir species that inhabit the Central and South America and Southeast Asia.  In conjunction with the World Tapir Day, the ‘Treasure Our Tapirs’ campaign by Ecotourism and Conservation Society Malaysia (ECOMY) is aim to showcase the Malayan Tapir as the primary focus to educate the public on the importance of conserving Malaysia’s natural heritage – the forests and wildlife, and understanding that conserving the environment is key to our own wellbeing.  The Malayan Tapir has a distinctive black and white colouration and can grow between 1.8 to 2.5m in length, standing from 90 to 110cm tall. They typically weigh between 250 and 320 kg, although some adults can weigh up to 540 kg.  “We intend to continue to work with tapirs and other precious wildlife to educate our young and future generations through this campaign. An


Blackout Beach BBQ turns theme park’s Surf Beach into a special outdoor dining experience in the dark More than 50 families gathered at Sunway Lagoon’s Surf Beach for the Blackout Beach BBQ in conjunction with Earth Hour – the global movement encouraging individuals, communities, households, and organizations to turn off all non-essential lighting for one hour as a symbol of commitment to preserving energy on Earth. Families and friends were welcomed by lighted LED paper bag lights from the entrance to the Surf Beach’s area with a host of games, entertainment and activities for guests, in addition to a barbeque buffet spread, which promoted a time of bonding and togetherness amongst guests. As this was the first time Sunway Lagoon was celebrating Earth Hour on a large scale, the management of the theme park went all out to ensure a night to remember for all guests. As such, the night’s celebrations at Sunway Lagoon went beyond merely turning off the lights. Activitie


INTRODUCING THE ANTIOXIDANT AND ANTI-POLLUTION SKIN CARE LINE FROM KOREA Pure Beauty, a brand developed and made in Korea with the promise of using the best of natural ingredients supported with the latest science and technology has launched a powerful new skin care line – Pomegranate Urban Shield for Antioxidant and Anti-Pollution. With the ever challenging and busy urban lifestyle, women today would find their skin tired and lackluster complexion due to the environment surrounding. Pure Beauty’s latest skin care line is the perfect solution where each product has been specifically formulated to revitalize, soothe and protect the skin while also helps to reinforce the skin’s natural defenses against external aggressions. “ The introduction of Pure Beauty newest addition skin care line is our commitment to continue to provide our valued customers the innovative products at the store. As one of our leading exclusive brands, we are confident it will continue to taste succe


Together We Can Make A Better World Once again Lot 10 joined billions of people across 178 countries to continue its support for Earth Hour by switching off non-essential lights including its facade’s decorative lights on Saturday, 25 March 2017, from 8:30pm to 9:30pm. The tenants also participated by turning off their lights in their respective stores. This global “lights off” event created by the World Wildlife Fund ( WWF) was launched in Sydney, Australia in 2007. Earth Hour has become a global event celebrated annually to call on each person, committee, business and government to inspire people to protect the Earth and promote environmental conservation.  Earlier this week on 23 rd March 2017, Lot 10 launched its sustainability campaign “Together We Can Make A Better World” in support of Earth Hour 2017 and in collaboration with two partners namely Raffles College of Higher Education and Kloth Cares by Kloth Lifestyle. The launch event was attended by Joseph Yeoh,

Get Up and Groove with the Exciting New ZooMoo Groove Series

Original production encouraging children to learn through music, song, and dance ZooMoo Networks, the only channel devoted to educating kids about nature and animals is premiering its latest original series – ZooMoo Groove . This fun sing-along series introduces kids to animals in each of the world’s habitats while encouraging kids to get up and sing and dance. “Children love to be able to express themselves through song and dance, and with ZooMoo Groove , they can also enjoy learning about the world we live in at the same time.  We are also excited to introduce our new talent Seth Drury to our audience as our trusted ZooMoo Ranger,” said Catherine Nebauer, General Manager of ZooMoo Networks, Asia Pacific. “Seth will take ZooMoo fans on fantastical trips to the Oceans, the Mountains, the desert, and other landscapes as he meets our Zoomers and introduce them to their new homes and the animals that live there,” added Catherine. Concept behind ZooMoo Groove ZooMoo Gro


Honestbee gives Malaysian urbanites yet another reason to love Friday mornings  Almost everyone loves Fridays! Now, honestbee , Asia’s fastest-growing and leading online grocery concierge service, is giving Malaysian urbanites another reason to look forward to this highly celebrated fifth day of the week when it kick started its “Flyday” campaign today. The weary commuters of the busy Jalan Sultan Ismail were given a pleasant surprise when more than 10 honestbee concierge shoppers and riders including Marianne Chuo, Malaysia Country Manager of honestbee rallied during the early Friday morning rush hour to hand out goodies and freebies. This “Flyday” initiative will see these “bees” giving out goodies such as discount vouchers, food and beverage products, and many more Fridays at various busy streets. “The message we want to get across with this initiative is simple and straightforward – we have arrived!”,says Marianne Chuo, Malaysia Country Manager of honestbee . “M


The Malaysian Hairdressing Association (MHA) celebrated its 12th year anniversary with the biggest hair show and fashiontainment extravaganza in Malaysia, titled “It’s TIME” on 21 March 2017 at HGH Convention Centre, Sentul. Attended by 800 guests including industry leaders, the show aimed to create a platform for local hairdressers to showcase their work to larger audience. Last night, the gala showcased about 60 dramatic hair creations on the runway with the theme of 1920s/30s and Futuristic Chic which consists of three categories; Culture Tribes, Future Avant Garde, as well as Shapes and Sculptures. The hairstyles were presented by over 25 local hairdressers; including James Wong from A Cut Above, Avier Ng from Tenze Studio, Alice Boon from a+b Hair Studio, Elmer Tay from La'Mode, Juno Loo from Juno’s Perfection Studio, Nick Koh from Signature Hair Salon, and many others. Additionally, the show featured Australian famed hairdresser, Atilio Dusa who highlighted the late


Leading Asia Beauty Retailer Introduces  Own Brand Skincare Product Range New Look  Asia’s Leading Health and Beauty Retailer launched its most successful own skincare brand range presenting with its new look. Water360⁰ by Watsons took the center stage alongside with top singing duo sensation, FS who collaborated with the brand with the release of its latest single.  The new look of Water360⁰ by Watsons is helmed by its three sources of mineral water, six types of minerals and zero mineral oil to complete the upgraded range.  “We are proud to present our customers with innovative products, giving them the best options available through the varied research and advancement made towards skincare solution. Water360⁰ by Watsons is one of our most successful house brands around Asia and we are confident that it will continue to be the favourite choice for many Malaysians. To date, Water360⁰ by Watsons range has been sold more than 8.2 million pieces alone in 2016 in Asia,” sai