The Kid From The Big Apple Held its Official Original Soundtrack Launch

Three Pictures Sdn. Bhd., a Malaysian award-winning production company renowned for the 2016 hit film, The Kid From The Big Apple, held its official original soundtrack launch recently at Setiawalk, Puchong. This makes them the first in the nation to execute such a concept of having an album launch specifically for a film. 
The newly released album consist of a compilation of the theme songs, background scores and other audio tracks in Mandarin and English. These songs are from both the first film as well as the upcoming sequel, which is set to hit cinemas nationwide on November 16, 2017, followed by other countries such as Singapore, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. 

Titled “Togetherness,” the album gives fans a unique chance of hearing a preview of the songs in the upcoming sequel as well as reliving some of the hit songs from the first film. Jess Teong, the director of both the films, exclaimed that, “Good things should be celebrated twice!” 

This sentiment is echoed by AFV Capital Group Berhad who leaped on the opportunity to be the exclusive sponsor of the album, as well as a sponsor for the film. Louis CM Loh, Chief Executive Officer of AFV Capital Group Berhad, stated, “We are absolutely proud to be the exclusive sponsor of this one-of-a-kind album and it has been a pleasure working hand in hand with Three Pictures. Jess (Teong) has devoted a lot of time to refine this album and we believe that this album will be loved by all.” 

Speaking on the film, Loh added, “With the launch of the novel and now the soundtrack album, we trust that this will elevate the film’s impact on the society. The Kid From The Big Apple received overwhelming success last year. The sequel will definitely be following on that path as this is a film that transcends age and connects all three generations of a family.” 
Louis CM Loh and Jess
Jess Teong reiterated, “We are happy and grateful to have received support from AFV Capital Group Berhad. We truly believe that music is a special element and when used wisely, it can leave a positive impact and perfect the messages in a film, while connecting people of all race and languages.” 

The event saw personalities such as Bell Yu Tian, Jóhannes Koo, Olive Chok and Chelsia Ng belting out to snippets of the songs. The director herself sang along to a couple of tunes as the entire crowd resonated with the beautiful music and message being conveyed through the melodious vocals. 

Bell Yu Tian, who was the voice of the theme song “Little World” in the first film, will be lending her voice once again to the production. This time around, the songstress will be collaborating with Jóhannes Koo, The Voice of China contestant, for the sequel’s theme song, “When We Are Together.”  

Well-known Malaysian actress and singer, Chelsia Ng will also be participating in The Kid From The Big Apple 2: Before We Forget. According to the director, Chelsia has a voice that is perfect for 30s and 40s tunes and this made her the ideal candidate for one of the sequel’s rendition of the cheeky and lively classic English song, “Ain’t We Got Fun?” 

Meanwhile, Hong Kong’s talented singer, Olive Chok, will be reuniting with the production as she returns to deliver a duet with Bell to the classic English song, “Dance with My Father.” In the first film, Olive was the voice of the song “If Only” which specifically complemented the character Sophia’s scenes. 

The soundtrack album, available for pre-order on, will be officially released on November 1. The quaint event was held at a charming café at Setiawalk, LOVE 18 Chocolates, which is a The Kid From The Big Apple themed outlet. The café gives off the sense that one has stepped into an actual scene of the highly acclaimed film as it is decorated very similarly to the film’s settings. 

The Kid From The Big Apple, which tells the tale of 11-year-old Sarah from New York City who was forced to stay with her estranged grandfather in Malaysia, made over RM6 million in ticket sales last year. The film featured key themes such as loyalty to one’s family and importance of preserving culture in modern society with a line-up of cast that included Hong Kong’s star Tommy Tam (Ti Lung) and rising child actress, Sarah Tan Qin Lin. 

About Three Pictures Sdn. Bhd. 
Three Pictures Sdn. Bhd., initiated and founded by renowned producer/director, Stanley Law back in 2010, is a movie production company that engages the key value chain of filmmaking – spanning from development, production, distribution and marketing of commercial movies for main Asian territories; as its primary market and the rest of the world as its secondary market. With over 20 years of production experience, Stanley has produced over 300 hours of highly-popular TV programs both locally and internationally with many being award-winning international productions with Hong Kong, China, Singapore, and Indonesia. 

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