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McDonald’s Celebrates Outstanding Teachers in Malaysia with McDonald’s Anugerah Guru Inspirasi 2020

Over 16,000 teachers who have gone above and beyond have been nominated   since the awards were incepted in 2017 McDonald’s Malaysia announces the winning 25 teachers that were nominated from all over the country for the annual McDonald’s Anugerah Guru Inspirasi. McDonald’s Anugerah Guru Inspirasi is an award dedicated to celebrating and recognizing inspiring teachers that have gone beyond their call of duty to make long-lasting impacts on their students. Since McDonald’s Anugerah Guru Inspirasi’s inception in 2017, McDonald’s Malaysia has awarded 82 teachers for their unique and unconditional efforts for their students and received over 16,000 nominations from Malaysians all over the country with stories of how their teacher has impacted their lives. As McDonald’s Anugerah Guru Inspirasi continues to grow, more and more outstanding teachers are being highlighted by their students. This year’s 25 exceptional teachers were recognized for instilling strong moral values,

Shogun Burger also makes a Comeback

McDonald’s Malaysia launches ‘Discover the World’ 2020 campaign with taste of Japan, brings back popular Samurai Burger                                         Shogun Burger also makes a comeback McDonald’s Malaysia launches its annual ‘Discover the World’ campaign with the delicious tastes of Japan, bringing back the ever-popular Samurai Burger and Shogun Burger.   The Samurai Burger, which was last offered in 2015, has become one of Malaysians’ most anticipated menu items. There were also positive responses from Malaysians when Shogun Burger was first launched the same year. Available in both chicken and beef variants, the explosive tastes of Samurai Burger and Shogun Burger feature McDonald’s special Teriyaki sauce. “Our ‘Discover the World’ campaign has become a great platform for us to provide a wide variety of distinct menu items to Malaysians, featuring unique flavours from selected countries all over the world. This year, we are bringing back the delicious tas


Watsons Supplies Channelled to Charity Homes, Hospitals and Healthcare Centres to Combat COVID-19 #WatsonsHereForYou In the continuous effort to combat the spread of COVID-19 and given the coming Raya holidays, Watsons gives back to the community by providing necessary items to those in need. Watsons has continued its effort by donating essential supplies such as surgical face mask, thermometer, Watsons’ Brand products which includes antibacterial hand wash gel, shower gel, lotion and many more to three different charity homes which are House of Joy, Promise Home and Victory Home. The initiative of contributing the essential needs to the charity home during Conditional Movement Control Order (CMCO) period is in line with the company’s commitment to lend a helping hand and encourage fellow Malaysian to also help the nation to flatten the curve altogether. This social responsibility effort reflects Watsons’ commitment towards improving the wellbeing of society and i

Domino’s Introduces ‘Potong-Q’, A safe and hassle free Take-Away Service

Greater efforts are being implemented as Malaysians go through the Conditional Movement Control Order (CMCO) and the fight against COVID-19. Once again, Domino’s Pizza demonstrates its commitment and promise of “It’s All About You” by prioritizing the safety of its customers and employees by introducing an enhanced and safer measure for customers in line with social distancing and zero contact measures between customers in-store and employees on duty. Launched for greater convenience, Domino’s recommends customers to Potong-Q! With the new feature, Potong-Q enables a more efficient ordering and take-away process as it shortens the waiting time and collection of pizzas for customers who prefer to opt for take-away from the stores. As an added safety measure to Domino’s “Zero Contact” delivery, Potong-Q encourages customers to place their orders online in advance and visit the nearest store to collect their order. As such, the Potong-Q option is 100% cashless as when customers


‘Jimat Selamat’ with Watsons Up to 50% Discount and RM1 Million Duit Raya Giveaways to Watsons Members Watsons Malaysia launched a digital film to commemorate with the Hari Raya celebration this year. Amidst the ongoing challenges and uncertainties, the Raya video starring a star-studded cast entitled ‘Jauh Di Mata, Tetap Beraya’ is a reminder to all Malaysians that the bond between loved ones is stronger than the restriction imposed during these trying times. Watsons had creatively launched its ‘JAUH DI MATA, TETAP BERAYA’ in an e-Launch at Watsons Facebook page on 9 th May 2020 and the main film has garnered 1 million views across its social platforms, checkout Watsons Youtube page to watch Watsons’ ‘JAUH DI MATA, TETAP BERAYA’ video at . The short film describes how a family, especially the youngest child, copes with the current situation that every Malaysians are facing with this Raya - with so many uncertainties. “Watso

KidZania Kuala Lumpur's Infinite Possibilities at Your Doorstep Amidst MCO

Almost two months into the Movement Control Order (MCO) with another few weeks (at least) to go before school reopens, without a doubt many parents are faced with the tricky challenge of having bored, restless kids. Homebound with nowhere to go, KidZana Kuala Lumpur answers the call of parents with a mammoth list of fun and interactive #KidZaniaAtHome activities to keep your children learning, engaged and occupied. According to Mayor Shahrul Nizar Ahmad, KidZania Kuala Lumpur subscribes to the idea that no matter where we are - even at home - learning can and should be a fun part of children's lives, in line with its "Learn Life Today" philosophy. "Being out of the classroom does not mean that the learning process cannot continue. In fact, the opportunities and potential for learning abound just about anywhere. As we celebrate our 8th Anniversary this year as a City of Infinite Possibilties, we have put together some activies from which kids can learn a great d