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Celebrate and Experience Shichi-Go-San at The School by Jaya One

Japanese festival will be an eye-opening cultural experience that will bring families together with young children together The School will once again host Shichi-Go-San, a Japanese traditional rite of passage for three- and seven-year-old girls and three- and five-year-old boys. The rite’s customary prayer ceremony will be conducted by special guest, Takebe Masahide, a shrine priest from Ikimi Tenmangu, the oldest shrine in Kyoto, Japan. Parents can look forward to bringing their children to learn and experience this cultural festival on 4th and 5th November at The School by Jaya One from 10am to 6pm daily. “We are thrilled to host this festival for the second time. The Japanese culture is beautiful and strong in bringing families and communities together, which is something that The School stands for. We hope this family affair is a fun, educational way for kids to learn about other cultures and nurture their curiosity,” said Charles Wong, Executive Director of Tetap Tiara

The Kid From The Big Apple Held its Official Original Soundtrack Launch

Three Pictures Sdn. Bhd., a Malaysian award-winning production company renowned for the 2016 hit film, The Kid From The Big Apple, held its official original soundtrack launch recently at Setiawalk, Puchong. This makes them the first in the nation to execute such a concept of having an album launch specifically for a film.  The newly released album consist of a compilation of the theme songs, background scores and other audio tracks in Mandarin and English. These songs are from both the first film as well as the upcoming sequel, which is set to hit cinemas nationwide on November 16, 2017, followed by other countries such as Singapore, Hong Kong, and Taiwan.  Titled “Togetherness,” the album gives fans a unique chance of hearing a preview of the songs in the upcoming sequel as well as reliving some of the hit songs from the first film. Jess Teong, the director of both the films, exclaimed that, “Good things should be celebrated twice!”  This sentiment is echoed by AFV Capit

Coala Kids Bag, A Gibb Spine-Care Bag for the Comfort of Our Children

There might be lots of options to get a kids backpacks but choosing the right bag is very important to our kids coz' it might affect their health and their mentality if wrong bags were given to them. With so many options available, we obviously can't test or even research them all. Instead. we looked for models that fit the following criteria... 1. Comfort Coala Gibb Spine-Care Bag combines the ergonomic principles of innovative trekking backpacks with everything required for a school bag. It distribute the weight from the shoulders to the stable pelvic area and therefore are easy to carry. The well-padded shoulder straps that fits a kid's frame well to keep the shoulder straps from sliding back and off the kid's shoulders, a common problem on smaller kids. The padded straps will provide extra comfort on the shoulders. 2. Lots of Compartments A kid-friendly backpack will have lots of compartments in various sizes. This enables our kids to spread the wei

Breast Cancer in Men – it happens

According to the National Cancer Institute Malaysia, about 5,000 Malaysian women are diagnosed with breast cancer every year, and nearly half of those are under 50-years of age, but it affects men too. It is indeed unbelievable but it is happening now in Malaysia. As a male blogger and influencer, it is my duty to raise awareness to all the male out there. Do take note that there are things you may not know about breast cancer in men: 1 out 1,000 men are diagnosed with breast cancer every year in Malaysia Less than 72% of men recover from the disease as doctor’s visit is made when symptoms are more severe however symptoms of breast cancer in men and women are quite alike. Most male breast cancers are diagnosed when a man discovers a lump on his chest. But unlike women, men tend to delay going to the doctor until they have more severe symptoms, like bleeding from the nipple. At that point, the cancer may have already spread Because men have very little breast tissue, it is

Malaysia gets C rating in the Global Pension Index

Malaysian index value up from 55.7 in 2016 to 57.7 in 2017 Malaysia scores a C rating, ahead of most Asian countries, but still with lots of room for improvement Sustainability of some current systems is under threat Denmark maintains #1 position for sixth year Index expanded to include Colombia, New Zealand and Norway Unsustainable pension systems in some countries need to learn from leading countries or risk creating intergenerational equity issues and disappointed retirees.   Hash Piperdy, CEO of Mercer Malaysia Now measuring 30 countries and covering 60% of the world’s population, this year’s ninth edition of the Melbourne Mercer Global Pension Index urges countries with unsustainable pension systems to take action now, rather than risk the need to take even more drastic action in the future. Commenting on Malaysia’s Global Pension Index score, Hash Piperdy, CEO of Mercer Malaysia said, “Malaysia has a strong pension infrastructure with some go


~Jr. NBA All-Stars 2017 from Southeast Asia get once in a lifetime NBA experience in Shanghai~ Jr. NBA Malaysia 2017 presented by Dutch Lady programme culminated with a once in a lifetime NBA experience trip for 16 lucky Malaysian Jr. NBA All-Stars as they headed to Shanghai, China to watch a live NBA Game. The programme saw 95 Jr. NBA All-Stars from Southeast Asia – Malaysia, Vietnam, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines and Thailand – aged 10-14 years attending the NBA Global Games China 2017 presented by Master Kong in Shanghai on October 8, between Golden State Warriors and Minnesota Timberwolves. The crowd went berserk as the Golden State Warriors went full throttle and ended the game with a score of 142 to 110. The boys and girls had the exciting opportunity to meet NBA legend Jerome Williams, who played with the New York Knicks. As part of their visit, they also received additional basketball training and toured the city. This year, the Jr. NBA Malaysia program p