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Zipping into More Chocolate and Better Wafer with Cadbury

Cadbury Malaysia, under the global food company Mondelēz International, has launched its all-new Cadbury Zip. This delightful snack comes with an improved, mouth-watering new recipe as part of the brand’s strategy to refine their line of products. With Malaysians staying at home for most parts of the day due to current circumstances, these sticks of goodness can be enjoyed by everyone in the family, used in dessert recipes or even served as the perfect tea time snack to have with friends over Zoom to Zip through dull moments.   So what’s different with this new Cadbury Zip as compared to its predecessor? The original chocolate base is now replaced with Malaysia’s favourite smooth & creamy Cadbury Dairy Milk. It is also enhanced with 20% more chocolate than before as the new recipe ensures every bite is packed with chocolatey goodness. Not stopping there, Cadbury also developed a recipe to ensure the wafer is consistently crispy to guarantee a satisfying crunch that perfectly co

Teeth Scaling at iFloss Dental, Plaza Arkadia

If you had noticed that your gums have been swollen or experience painful chewing even when eating soft foods, you may have excess plague build-up which can also be a sign of gum disease. When this occurs, it's important to schedule an appointment with your dentist so  the plaque can be removed using a process called scaling.  I just did my teeth scaling with Dr Aaron Lai from iFloss Dental, Plaza Arkadia and will write about my experience at the clinic. My appointment is at 4 p.m. on Monday, 15th February. When I arrived at the clinic and since it is MCO now, I need to follow the strict SOP. Luckily the clinic is just 6km from my house and I don't need the appointment letter from the clinic. Once appointment made and when near to the date, the friendly nurse will call or whatsapp you to remind you on the appointment and ask whether you need the letter to travel if your house is located more than 10km from the clinic. Better to get the letter if you're staying far from the

IT’S CONVENIENT & SAFE Covid-19 Drive-Thru Screening Available at Ara Damansara Medical Centre

Covid-19 screening is now easier than ever with the Drive-Thru service at Ara Damansara Medical Centre (ADMC) from 15 February 2021. You can opt for results within two to four hours or 48 hours, the Drive-Thru screening is safe, contact-free and convenient. Drive Thru screening is applicable for ages 12 years and above. Pre book your appointment today via a secure online platform. The service is available Monday to Friday between 9.00am to 12.00pm and 1.00pm to 5.00pm, and on Saturday from 9.00am to 1.00pm. Walk-in Covid-19 screening is also available at the hospital ER. There are three tests available. For online booking, visit or call 03-5639 1212 for more information about the screening and how easy it is to get tested from the comfort of your vehicle.

McDonald’s Malaysia continues its annual tradition of spreading Chinese New Year cheer to senior citizens in a contact-free manner

  The company is sponsoring meals to old folks’ homes nationwide throughout the month of February McDonald's Malaysia continues its annual tradition of reaching out to senior citizens at old folks’ homes nationwide in conjunction with the ushering in of the Year of the Ox. In the spirit of showcasing the ‘True Meaning of Prosperity’ while adhering to standard operating procedures (SOPs), the company is sponsoring food to be delivered to old folks' homes located within the proximity of McDonald’s restaurants, throughout the month of February 2021.     “Since this initiative was first introduced in 2017, it has been our company’s tradition to celebrate with senior citizens at these homes during Chinese New Year. While previous years saw our restaurant crew members spending quality time with the elderly - sprucing up the space in time to usher in the New Year and then participating in the Prosperity Toss or Yee Sang with them, we had to do things a little bit differently this

Astro 小太阳首部新春迷你电视剧大年初一启播

 打破禁忌以小孩视角探讨灵魂存的温馨单元故事剧集 邀来强大卡司参演与制作 Astro 小太阳挑战新思维,在农历新年打破禁忌传统,于大年初一 (2 月 12 日)推出首部以小孩视角探讨灵魂存在的温馨单元故事剧集《1234567,我 的朋友在哪里?》。 1234567我的朋友在哪里?线上记者会 由于这是 Astro 小太阳的首部新春档迷你电视剧,所以找来了视帝庄可比搭档童星潘谦 乐领衔主演,还特别邀请了著名歌手Aki 黄淑惠首度亮相荧幕前,饰演妈妈一角,并跨 刀为新剧谱写同名主题曲。  庄可比将在剧中饰演潘谦乐爸爸,是一名受到疫情影响被迫结业回老家的鳏夫。不善 于表达内心感受的他,不但与父亲水火不容,更不懂得如何与孩子沟通,描绘了许多 现代男人难以启齿的一面。  潘谦乐饰演阿文 有份参演中国版《小娘惹》里的小陈锡一角的本地童星潘谦乐在戏中因一次意外,不 但看得到灵魂体,还得帮他们完成心愿。虽然是第一次当男主角,庄可比却大赞他是 一名具有天赋的演员,不但能弹性完成导演的要求,记对白能力更是超强。  Aki黄淑惠首次跨演艺界,饰演阿文的妈妈-阿玲 而首次在荧幕上演戏的歌手 Aki 黄淑惠,在戏中饰演潘谦乐的「鬼妈妈」。癌症去世 后,因为不舍孩子而一直守护在他身边。Aki 为了把角色诠释好,更在家找女儿对戏。 此外,她也首度为电视剧创作歌曲。同名主题曲曲调轻松洗脑,歌词更细腻的从小孩 角度出发,道出爸爸、阿公和阿嬷的故事。  Coby庄可比和潘谦乐在剧里饰演父子角色 此剧也找来了演技派老戏骨王骏和罗励勤演阿公和阿嬷;Royce陈志康则在戏中演一名 因过劳而死在异乡的灵魂,因为放心不下女儿而一直守候身边;另外,00 后新演员甄 瑜潼和陈晓薇,也会在戏中演出一对捐赠心脏和接受移植心脏的少女,他们的搭档将 会赚取观众不少眼泪。  从做起为:阿哒、阿文、小丽(陈晓薇饰) 1234567,我的朋友在哪里?》的另一个亮点就是由凭借《分贝人生》获得第 20 届 上海国际电影节亚洲新人奖最佳影片奖、最佳摄影奖及第 54 届台湾电影金马奖最佳新 导演提名的国际知名导演陈胜吉执导。首次执导电视剧的陈胜吉表示,电视剧与电影 的最大差别就是内容较多,要拍的量也较大。 王骏和罗励勤饰演阿公和阿嫲 另外,此剧的故事人为大马资深编剧翁秀红和陈钰莹以及导演陈胜吉。而同是该剧编 剧的翁秀红也是 Astro A