Breast Cancer in Men – it happens

According to the National Cancer Institute Malaysia, about 5,000 Malaysian women are diagnosed with breast cancer every year, and nearly half of those are under 50-years of age, but it affects men too. It is indeed unbelievable but it is happening now in Malaysia. As a male blogger and influencer, it is my duty to raise awareness to all the male out there.
Do take note that there are things you may not know about breast cancer in men:
  1. 1 out 1,000 men are diagnosed with breast cancer every year in Malaysia
  2. Less than 72% of men recover from the disease as doctor’s visit is made when symptoms are more severe however symptoms of breast cancer in men and women are quite alike.
  3. Most male breast cancers are diagnosed when a man discovers a lump on his chest. But unlike women, men tend to delay going to the doctor until they have more severe symptoms, like bleeding from the nipple. At that point, the cancer may have already spread
  4. Because men have very little breast tissue, it is easier for men and their health care professionals to feel small masses (tumours). On the other hand, because men have so little breast tissue, cancers do not need to grow very far to reach the nipple, the skin covering the breast, or the muscles underneath the breast.
  5. So even though breast cancers in men tend to be slightly smaller than in women when they are first found, they more often have already spread to nearby tissues or lymph nodes. The extent of spread is one of the most important factors in the prognosis (outcome) of a breast cancer.

Dr.Tan and male model demonstrating steps to perform breast self examination
The American Cancer Society cites the lack of awareness of breast cancer in men and therefore the limited knowledge in breast health and self-breast examination as the key issues impeding the early detection of breast cancer. Some men are also embarrassed when they find a breast lump and worry that someone might question their masculinity. This could also delay diagnosis and reduce a man's chances for successful treatment.

One of the key measures to nipping breast cancer early for higher chances of a full-recovery is to understand breast health and learn the how to perform self-examination for early detection.

The Neubodi Bra Drive 2017, which was launched in conjunction with the International Breast Cancer month, aims to raise awareness on breast cancer being gender blind.

Collaborating with the Breast Cancer Welfare Association Malaysia (BCWA), one of the highlights to official launch at 1Utama is the teaching of breast self-examination (BSE) demonstrated to the public by Dr. Tan Gie Hooi, Breast and Oncoplastic Surgeon, Tropicana Medical Centre who had the support of male model, Najib.

What is interesting is that BSE steps are the same between men and women, and you too can learn them from BCWA’s resource: How to do BSE? The look and feel techniques.

Head over the BCWA’s website to learn more about breast health and be breast aware and encourage your wife and female friends to do the same. Let’s work together to tackle breast cancer!

In the meantime, a quick shout out to the ladies out there: Bin your unwanted or unused bras at any Neubodi outlets nationwide, its famous pink Bra Bins are back and is available until 5th November! For more information, do visit Neubodi website at
I accepted the challenge and had asked my wife and my daughter to donate their bra in support for the campaign and hopefully it will raise awareness to all the female and male that breast cancer is not only happen to female, male will get it too. Hopefully all of you could do your part too in donating any unwanted bra to any Neubodi outlet from now till 5th November 2017. Act now coz' your good deed might help more peoples to survive from this deadly disease.


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