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Shopee Celebrates the Heart of Malaysia on E-Commerce

  60% of Malaysian Consumers Buy Local with the platform 60% of Malaysian consumers are proactively supporting local sellers with #ShopeeSapotLokal , at the live reveal of the platform’s largest marketplace study this year, Celebrating the Heart of Malaysia on E-Commerce* , in conjunction with the company’s 9.9 Super Shopping Day. When 3,356 consumers were asked “ Why do you think it is important to support local sellers ?” between 19 July to 17 August 2022, 30% endorsed the quality of Made-in-Malaysia goods that cater to their local preferences , 20% stated that they want to keep the economy running for patriotic reasons and 8% were sellers supporting other local sellers in the same boat. 42% preferred shopping local to get their items delivered faster. Among these respondents, half of them (54%) are working full time, 18% are in-between jobs, 17% are senior citizens, 6% are stay-at-home parents and 5% are university students.  Shopee also examined what Malaysians valued abo