Krabi: It Is All About The Waves!

It’s that time of the month again! What would that be ? Well, it’s for some TRAVELLING of course! Now, it’s time to pull out that globe and start pinpointing the best place to go. Here’s an idea, why not go to Krabi instead? I like Krabi and I definitely like the place so much so that I had all the beautiful photos of the island sticking at my room wall that I will always look into everyday. For those who don’t know where Krabi is, let’s just say it’s a place where worldly heaven lies. We’ll skip the geography lesson, you can go on and Google it up. Krabi have the most amazing beaches of all time! Well, for me it is. But it’s true, I ain’t playing, Krabi has an outstanding collection of beaches and when I say outstanding, I meant OUTSTANDING! Crystal blue water, white sandy beaches, breezing wind and super cool waves to crash in - what better can you ask for, right? Just to prove my point, I’ll give you a hit on these best beaches you can look for in Krabi.
Photo credit to Google search
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Okay, back to the beaches!

Tham Phra Nang Beach - All hail the Princess!

Okay, just a snippet of local mythology on this beach. Locals have it that this beach is named after a Princess known to have made this beach and lives there. No wonder it’s so freaking beautiful! Just from the look of the mountains surround the beach side like solid walls; standing so-everly-majestic in its stance as if guarding the beauty of the crystal blue water. If you take one look at the beachside, man, it is so tempting you would just want to sit and be mesmerised by the view. It makes you wonder that if the Princess is really real, it’s completely understandable why her Highness would want to turn the beach into her own personal domain. Who wouldn’t?
Tham Phra Nang Beach (Photo credit to Google search)

Railay Beach - Classy all on its own

The Railay Beach is pretty much the IT beach in Krabi. It’s very well-known and top tourist spot, so if you don’t mind the crowd and the fighting chance of booking a room here, heck, this wave is literally calling for your name. This beach takes privacy to a whole new level with its crazy tall mountains parading the entire beach - making the beach ever so mysterious and interesting to go to. The water is bright blue that you can just enjoy the marine life up close and personal. Trust me, if you go here, you have to remind yourself of home because there is a chance you totally forgot about home altogether.
Railay Beach (Photo credit to Google search)
Koh Hong Island - Heaven on Earth !

This island is movie-material. Why? The features, the beauty, the shape and pretty much the entire package will get it an Oscar nomination. The uniqueness of this specific island is its very own lagoon that was naturally-presented itself after an erosion from the inside of the island outwards. This touch of nature creates an interesting sight with a thin sandy pathway-like strip that goes into the crystal clear water that you can like literally feel like you’re walking on water. This island is on the east coast and considered to be the perfect place to do some water activities. So, better get those kayak paddles out because you wouldn’t want to miss it!
Koh Hong Island (Photo credit to Google search)
This is just the beach, if you hear about the other places you can visit in Krabi and the food, you’ll just leave right then and there. What are you waiting for? Hurry and start booking, man, the beaches ain’t gonna wait for long. Do come and see it yourself and it will be a lovely memory for the life time.


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