It's proven! Malaysians truly love Domino’s Cheese Tarik Crust!

The countdown is on! December 18 marks the return of Cheddar Cheese Tarik Crust!

The love for all things cheese is real. Domino's Pizza's latest offer, the Cheddar Cheese Tarik Crust was sold out within weeks of its release! Have no fear as pizza and cheese fans can be rest assured that they will be able to grab this latest sensation as it will return to satisfy all your cheese cravings again from Monday, December 18, 2017 onwards. 
Get your hands on the latest creation from Domino’s Pizza, the Cheddar Cheese Tarik Crust featuring the earthy goodness of cheddar cheese tucked in a parmesan-sprinkled crust, baked to a golden, molten perfection. The molten cheese filing oozing out of the crunchy crust gives it a soft, stretchy and stringy texture that will keep you tarik-ing for more.

Don’t forget to participate in Domino's own Cheese Tarik Challenge and you might be walking away with a year’s supply of the pizzas from Domino’s. Show off your creative moves to ‘tarik’ the cheese of the Cheese Tarik Crust. Challenge is open from till December 24, 2017, snap a photo of the stretched cheese in your most creative way, tag it with @DominosMY; #CheeseTarikChallenge and post in on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. 


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