It’s been five years since Swiss Dream Circus set up their Big Top tent here in Kuala Lumpur and every year their show just keeps getting better and better. They are back once again this year for their fourth season with a 90-minute show featuring the styles of a spine-tingling knife throwing act and a fire diabolo performance, two acts that have yet to be seen on our shores. 

“One of the main attractions of our show every year, is that every act is different. Each year we have a different theme for the show and we curate and produce the acts in its fashion,” shares Ismail Stork, CEO of Le Tresor Legacy Ventures, the main organizer of Swiss Dream Circus, “This year we have an award-winning diabolo virtuoso duo, who will definitely amaze you with their fire diabolo act. It is completely magical when the burning diabolo flies high in the circus dome.” 
Flames & Co – the award-winning virtuoso diabolo act from France
A diabolo is a juggling or circus prop consisting of an axle and two cups (hourglass/egg timer shaped) or discs derived from the Chinese yo-yo. This object is spun using a string attached to two hand sticks ("batons" or "wands"). A dexterity mastered by both Jean and his wife, Morgan. 
Russian knife-throwing couple, Igor and Tatiana will take your breath away

Another act that’s sure to keep you strapped tight to the edge of your seat is their Russian knifethrowing act. Real life couple Tatiana & Igor like to do dangerous things together and knife-throwing is their specialty. Knife throwing is one of the oldest disciplines in circus which requires great precision and concentration and it’s no easy feat for Igorto hurl knives at his wife while she rotates on a wooden platform – a life-size prop which was built from scratch right here in Malaysia. 

Other highlights include the mesmerizing performances of Romanian aerial strap act Duo Romance, Venezuelan cradle act Isabela and Ernesto, gravity-defying stunts by Cirque du Soleil alumnae Trio Naumov and side-splitting antics from Clown Tirro, to name a few, all helmed by ringmaster and founder, Marco Baumgartner. 

This year’s show is an artistic spectacle that allows you to dream and be enchanted as you immerse yourself in a world full of EMOTIONS. If there is an emotion to be experience, you will find it under Swiss Dream Circus’ Big Top. 
Catch Swiss Dream Circus 2018 at Desa Park City (opposite Plaza Arkadia) until September 9th, 2018. Tickets are priced from RM39 - RM199 and can be purchased at or at the venue. 


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