Defamation Case Won By Local Cosmetic SkinCare

I'm sure most of you heard about the Defamation Case won by a local Cosmetic Skincare against a blogger recently. Tati Skincare won RM3 million which they had file the case against the blogger on May 2017. On January 2017, the Company found out that the articles written by the blogger had defame the Company on their production of Tati Skincare.

The defamation include that their products were weight with kilo, the founder went to umrah using revenue from the cheated products and cheated everyone on the products having poison.

Puan Norasyikin, the founder of Tati Skincare during the press conference said that their product was viral at the social media till it brings negative effect to the brand and it had tarnished the Company's reputation amongst the user of the product. She hope the user will be more confident to use Tati SkinCare products after the winning case.

Tati Skincare is in the market for 4 years since it is launched in 2015. It had since been distributed to other countries i.e. Singapore and Brunei. It produce 11 different type of skincare which include Cosmetic, Whitening Cream. Lipstick, Compact Powder etc.

For more information on Tati Skincare, do visit their website at, facebook page at and instagram page at


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