Ambi Pur Introduces All-New Solution to Achieve Clean and Fresh Toilets

Eliminate malodor and protect your homes with Ambi Pur Bathroom Fresh

·   A recent Procter & Gamble survey among 400 mothers in Asia revealed that 71.3% are concerned about toilet odors, while 87% are dissatisfied with their current toilet air fresheners which only provide temporary relief. Using breakthrough Ambi Pur technology, consumers now have an effective solution to eliminate and protect against hidden sources of toilet malodor. Ambi Pur Bathroom Fresh is perfect for mothers looking to keep their homes fresh, clean and odor-free for their families.
Ambi Pur was joined today by local Malaysian actress Amyra Rosli along with popular host and announcer Hafiz Hatim during a special event at Mydin USJ, Subang Jaya to launch their all-new range of air fresheners – Ambi Pur Bathroom Fresh.

Persistent toilet malodor is a problem that plagues many homeowners. In a recent survey by Procter & Gamble among 400 mothers in Asia, 71.3% of them expressed their concern over toilet odors. Many of these mothers also noticed their difficulties with recurring malodor despite frequent cleaning.  Through in-depth research, Ambi Pur revealed the hidden source of malodor and the reason for lingering unpleasant smells, which tend to return only a couple days after cleaning—soft surfaces, such as fabrics in toilets. These surfaces absorb and re-release odors into the air through evaporation, a constant, invisible process that is not easily overcome even with constant cleaning attempts.

Utilizing breakthrough Ambi Pur technology, this brand-new toilet air freshener offers an effective solution to help consumers keep their bathrooms smelling consistently pleasant and fresh. With this odor-neutralizing technology, Ambi Pur Bathroom Fresh not only eliminates airborne odor but also adds a protective layer against persistent smells, all while providing a long-lasting fragrance to keep toilets feeling clean and fresh.

“Ambi Pur has long held a strong track record of innovation and success, as we strive to understand and develop products which will address our consumers’ needs. Ambi Pur Bathroom Fresh is the first product we have created which combines odor removal in the air with odor elimination and odor prevention against soft surfaces. We want to make lives easier for mothers, so they no longer have to fret over ways to ensure their homes are a hygienic, comfortable and odor-free space for their families,” said Nantha Kumaran Kalimuthu, Commercial Director, P&G Malaysia.

In a candid conversation during the launch event, Amyra Rosli shared her own experiences and frustrations with dealing with malodor. “As a mother of a young child myself, maintaining a safe, clean and fresh environment for my family has always been a priority. Cleaning the toilets has been a thankless chore, made even more tiresome when bad odor keeps coming back. I’m so pleased to have an easy solution with Ambi Pur Bathroom Fresh!”
Ambi Pur Bathroom Fresh offers convenience and ease of use, activated in just one click, with a compact aerodynamic shape to deliver maximum efficacy while releasing a constant fresh scent. It comes in four scent variants: Mild Lavender, Refreshing Soap, Zesty Lemon, and Refreshing Apple.

Grab your favorite Ambi Pur Bathroom Fresh scent variant now at your local supermarkets and grocery stores.

About Ambi Pur

Ambi Pur is an Air Care brand with strong brand equity, particularly in Europe and Asia. Ambi Pur offers high-performance products and new technologies, with a product range that includes car air fresheners, battery-powered air fresheners, toilet rim blocks and various non-energized air fresheners. Via Ambi Pur, P&G is one of the biggest Air Care companies in the world and Febreze/Ambi Pur is a P&G billion-dollar brand.


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