Viper Challenge 2020 : King of the Mountain

Today I will be covering Asia’s largest obstacle course running event, Viper Challenge hosted by NCT Properties Sdn Bhd and its hotels – Grand Ion Delemen, Gloria Residences and G-Luxe by Gloria at Ion Park, Genting Highlands on the 7th and 8th of March 2020. 
This immensely popular fitness programme has over 300,000 enthusiasts participating in their events locally and internationally - out of which, almost 20,000 individuals have confirmed their attendance for this most exciting weekend. Viper Challenge: King of the Mountain promises mentally and physically demanding obstacles that push the fitness boundaries with the undulating landscape of Genting Highlands. The twelve obstacles in seven kilometers are bound to thrill.

Ion Park is chosen as a start point for Viper Challenge activities in the year 2020 for its spectacular mountain view of the Titiwangsa Range from 6,000 feet above sea level – ensuring clean and cool mountain air to promote better health. In line with that thought, complimentary shuttle service will be provided to and from the designated pickup/drop off area. This is to eliminate traffic congestion within Ion Park and maintain the pure air quality. 

The Festival area located directly in front of the hotels Gloria Residences and G-Luxe by Gloria include the registration tent, start and finish lines, medical tent, counterpain storage tent, Lush Protein bars tent, Erprotape tent, hotel tents, food stalls and a picnic area. Remember to collect special discount and complimentary items from our sponsored tents and sample the deliciously healthy meals from our food stalls.

Registration is open until 5 March 2020 and costs from RM65.48 per person.

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