Sunway Velocity #KitaSupportKita


The year 2020 was nothing we expected, nonetheless, it has taught us the importance of taking care of our health, mentally and physically, as well as cherishing our family and loved ones. As the world stopped for us to rediscover ourselves, we found the meaning of life. Looking back at the year of 2020, we have come together as one nation to overcome this pandemic, and together, we shall persevere and step into 2021 stronger than ever. Sunway Velocity Mall ushers in the coming year with its “New Year, New Dawn, New Hope” campaign, in hopes of inspiring and motivating the community, especially the retail staff or “VeloHeroes”.

Throughout the year, Sunway Velocity Mall has taken steps to support local businesses and give back to front-liners while reaching out to elevate surrounding communities. To close the last chapter of 2020, Sunway Velocity Mall is supporting the retailers for their hard work, dedication, and perseverance during this difficult times. They are the front-liners of the mall who keep the mall safe and running despite all the challenges and difficulties. The retail industry has taken a big hit this year with the rise of the pandemic. Not only are business owners facing challenging times, the retail staff also faced uncertainties at work, building worries for their financial stability that is also detrimental to their mental and physical health. With that, Sunway Velocity Mall invites everyone to join this impactful and meaningful movement, #KitaSupportKita.

#KitaSupportKita is a movement to support one another in the community, inspiring everyone as we lift each other up and rise above. As a community driven mall, Sunway Velocity Mall believes in elevating the community, which includes the retail staff. To thank them, Sunway Velocity Mall has given out RM120,000 worth of dining and lifestyle cash vouchers to over 3,000 retail staff in the mall. Among the many retails in the mall are Uniqlo, Vans, Under Armour, Bath and Body Works, Ippudo, Nanyang, Sports Direct, Hai Di Lao Hotpot and more! Not only that, the shoppers of Sunway Velocity Mall were also invited to participate in this campaign by nominating the most deserving outlet staff based on their experience and interaction with them. The winning staff from the outlets will receive cash vouchers worth a grand total of RM20,000. Among the top devoted staff team that was voted are JD, Samsung, The Body Shop, Rakuzen, Adidas, Skechers, and more!

 “Sunway Velocity Mall kick-started this movement, #KitaSupportKita, in hopes of uniting our community on top of acknowledging the dedication of our retail staff. The year 2020 has been challenging but we are hopeful for 2021 and would like to keep that positive spirit of togetherness by ushering in the new year with new goals, new journey, and new hope,” said Ms Phang Sau Lian, General Manager of Sunway Velocity Mall.

As the saying goes, the darkest hours are that before dawn, Sunway Velocity Mall is hopeful that next year will be better, and the darkest hours are behind us. Sunway Velocity Mall’s New Year New Dawn campaign has brought fresh hope and bright perspective to the community, especially to its retailers, while moving everyone in the forward direction. Taking on the lessons we have learned in 2020, we will persevere and strive for betterment in 2021. 



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